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  • Throught the course of human history, people have fought against

  • and killed one other for some pretty stupid reasons.

  • At least, it may seem that way

  • from our sophisticated way of viewing things from the 21st century.

  • There was the time that El Salvador invaded Honduras

  • after a controversial football game.

  • The time that the Austrian Army fought a battle with itself while drunk

  • and countless times when one guy thought that his religion

  • or way of ruling was better than anybody else's.

  • Most wars in fact could probably be argued

  • were fought for stupid reasons

  • But in all of my personal reading

  • I have never come across one as silly sounding

  • as the War Of The Bucket

  • which, yeah was an entire war

  • where thousands of people

  • died fighting over essentially

  • a wooden bucket.

  • The setting was Northern Italy

  • during the late Middle Ages.

  • Italy at the time was divided into various

  • different city states

  • and Northern Italy, in particular

  • was part of the Holy Roman Empire

  • and so the states here were mostly independent

  • but technically

  • under the legions of the Holy Roman Emperor

  • back in Germany.

  • And since people like arguing about literally

  • anything,

  • a conflict arose in Northern Italian states

  • between who had more authority.

  • the Holy Roman Emperor

  • or the Pope.

  • In 1176,

  • the Holy Roman Emperor invaded Italy

  • and was defeated by a bunch of city states

  • brought together by the Pope.

  • Over the next couple centuries

  • different states shifted around allegiances

  • but by the 14th century

  • Modena was with team Roman Emperor

  • and

  • Bologna was with Team Pope.

  • In 1296 Bologna invaded

  • a couple of territories from Modena

  • which their buddy at the Papacy

  • confirmed to be legitimate.

This video was made possible by Squarespace

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Why 2000 People Died Fighting Over a Bucket

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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