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Hey Wes
You ok there? You look kind of stressed.
No Im fine. Im just uh writing a speech
Speech for uh.. for what? for ISA?
No no uh for Ted's wedding
You know, best man speech?
I know its kind of early, but I figured I'd start now
I've never written one before
So, did Ted already ask you?
Oh. no not yet, but uh he will eventually
What makes you think that he's gonna to
Who else is he gonna to ask?
Oh thats funny...
No Ted likes me more
I'm a little bit bothered that Wes would automatically think that Ted's going to choose him over me to be best man.
cuz quite frankly...Ted just likes me better...He's told me
Am I gonna change the way I act around Ted?
mmmm...probably not
I'm just gonna be the same old me...same old Phil... (chuckles)
Hey Ted!!
Hey Phil
*scrambling noises*
I'm just so...
...happy for your engagement!
Just whatever you need..just..just ask me ok and I'll be there!
I'll do my help!
Cool..but the wedding's-(Phil cuts off) Like dancing!!
Like I can teach you how to dance. 1, 2, 3!
Why are you touching me?
Best Man me!! (chuckles) ma..maybe later...
Alright you got it! haha..
I have this feeling that Phil is trying to take the Best Man title away from me...
Its so sad...because..he doesnt even have a chance...
I've known Ted..for 15..15 days...longer than Philip....
Hey Ted
Hey Wes
I was at the mall today and I thought of you so I got you something
Here you go
A sweater?
Its like 96 degrees outside...
It is hot...
..but ur so cool...
*Exhales sharply Hey Ted!
So there's something really important that you need to know for the wedding reception
Ok..whats that?
Taking off the garter!
You can practice on me!
Ugh...go away!
I can get a different color...
Hey Ted, how's it going over there?
Its fine
You wanna use those coupons now?
Uuum... Im ok actually...
I dont know what's going on, but Phil and Wes have been acting pretty strangely around me lately...
Its really weird...
WHY do I think they're being so nice?
I dont know...but its about time!
It only makes sense that Ted should choose me.
Its the stars...
Actually, its written in my name
Hey. Ted.
Can you help me with this?
How do you pronounce that?
Thats ur NAME...
Well.Yeah.But how do YOU say it?
Wes Chan
Ok. Keep saying it.
Wes Chan, (Wes joins in) Wes chan
Ted: Wes Chan, Wes Chan, Wes Chan..... Wes: Wes Chan, Wes Chan, Wes Chan.....
....Wes Chan, Wes Chan... ....Best Chan, Best Chan...
...Wes Chan, Wes Chan ...Best Man, BEST MAN!
Best man...
*Knocks on door*
Hey guys.
I was in the neighborhood. Lunch?
I was in the neighborhood. Lunch?
Hey Wes.
Hey Ted!
Hey Chris.
I got you a little lunch
* Rustling of plastic bag*
*puts juice on table*
Thanks Chris.
Yeah. Its not a big deal.
Hey Ted, did you get that new "Wedding Planning" app for the Ipad?
Uh what for? I dont have an Ipad
Are you sure?
Yes Im positive. I don't have an Ipad
What about the ONE ON YOUR DESK?!
Wow this is so AWESOME! Thanks Wes!
*magazine thuds on floor
*Phil breathes sharply
Pffft. Its so obvious that Wes is threatened by me!
He can see that Ted and I are getting along WAY better, so he's trying to BUY his way into being Best Man?
Psht, So not cool, so not classy Wes...
Hey Ted Ted Ted! Wait wait wait! Quick question!
Um blonde or brunette?
Uh why?
You no what, I'll get a variety don't worry
Wait wait wait! What're you talking about?!
Ok. For ur bachelor party!
I was just gonna get 2 to 3, but then this deal, if you get 9, you'll get the 10th for free.
I dont even want strippers, why are you even planning this?
Well the best man, you know plans the bachelor party, so I just wanna let you know know that everything's gonna be taken care of.
Now is there sort of a themed costume that u kind of like? Like uh western or military or law enforcement or...
You don't need to plan my bachelor party, cuz ur not going to be my best man!
Looks like Wes Chan's the Best Man
Neither are you Wes. My brother's gonna be the best man.
What the F*ck Ted...
You know what? I didn't even really want to be the best man...
because its probably going to be a boring stupid wedding!
Thats WHACK Ted!
*knock on door*
You guys see my ipad?
No. No Ted, I havent seen YOUR ipad....
I've seen MY ipad
But i thought that was a gift...
Oh oh! You want these too?
These are free backrubs, not backstabs!
OHHH! *Highfives*
Hey Ted.
Damn it Chris! Is this soft to you? Is it?!
Did you forget the fabric softener AGAIN?!
*Throws down towel*
Oh...I totally forgot Ted, Im so sorry...
My my's been all over...
Yeah the wedding was great!
Amazing actually! Chris doesn't know it happened yet...
Thats better...
Pepper's hungry. Now go to the store and get her some food.
You got it.
Of course I'll tell him!
He's totally going to pick me as the best man!
Is Pepper a dog or a cat?
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Ted's Best Man Friend(Closed Captions)

1561 Folder Collection
Susan Li published on May 30, 2014
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