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  • Oh, boy! It's pink lemonade day!

  • And we have to pick and squeeze a lotta lemons!

  • -[barks] -First, we need to fill up this basket.

  • We already have ice and--

  • Pink flamingos!

  • And, when you got pretty pink plastic flamingos,

  • you gotta have flamenco music!

  • -Blipsy, play music! -[Blipsy beeps]

  • [flamenco music playing]

  • Whoa! H'yuck!

  • I'm flamenco dancin'!

  • [music continues]

  • -[squawks] -[both laughing]

  • [excited squawking]

  • [squawks]

  • [music continuing]

  • Hey!

  • [squawks]

  • [both] Huh?

  • Blipsy, stop the music!

  • -[beeps, music stops] -Gawrsh.

  • The fancy flamingos fell down!

  • OK, fellas, let's pick these lemons!

  • Blipsy, play music!

  • [beeps, music playing]

  • [both grunt]

  • -Blipsy! -[Blipsy beeps]

  • Stop the music!

  • [beeps, music stops]

  • [stifling sneeze]

  • -[sneezes] -[exclaims]

  • [barking]

  • -What's up, boy? -[barking]

  • [barks, growls]

  • Sorry, Pluto, it's just a plastic bird.

  • [groans]

  • [sighs, squeaks]

  • -Hmm... Blipsy. -[Blipsy beeps]

  • -Play music! -[music playing]

  • -[squawking] -Huh?

  • [barking]

  • [squawks]

  • You were right, Pluto!

  • That's who's been knockin' down

  • the plastic flamingos!

  • [squawks]

  • Wow! You're really good at squeezing lemons!

  • Can you help us out?

  • [squawks]

  • [flamenco music playing]

  • [all cheering]

  • This is the best pink lemonade day ever!

  • -[laughing] -Yahoo!

Oh, boy! It's pink lemonade day!

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