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  • You know, unfortunately it wouldn't be

  • a Christmas special in 2020

  • without the following segment.

  • Take a look.

  • (dramatic music)

  • [Narrator] It's time for a Qanon News Break.

  • America, this Christmas it's time to wake up

  • and learn the identity of the biggest deep state

  • criminal of them all: Santa Claus.

  • (bells jingling)

  • Born Saint Nick in 270 AD,

  • Santa has survived to this day

  • by feasting on the plasma of millions of children.

  • His bright red cheeks proof of his insatiable lust.

  • How does he get away with it?

  • Because for years Santa has been propped up

  • by the Hollywood pedo industrial complex

  • where he's been featured in over 100 films,

  • all glorifying his maniacal invasion of younsters' homes

  • to harvest their blood.

  • Yes, Hollywood, where Santa is sheltered

  • thanks to his carefully cultivated relationship

  • with power broker, Brooke Shields,

  • and coddled by the warm embrace

  • of the mainstream news media.

  • Santa is here!

  • [Narrator] No wonder he's able to move freely

  • among the deep state's greatest felons.

  • And now meet Santa's boss,

  • shown for the first time in this deleted scene

  • from a children's classic

  • where Rudolph surveys his kingdom.

  • Bow down.

  • [Narrator] And Santa is broken and brought to heal

  • by the evil reindeer and his eight demon disciples.

  • Yes, Rudolph, who keeps Santa on a short leash

  • as he in turn administers to his deep state minions.

  • Melania tried to warn us with her Santa hat trees,

  • but we wouldn't listen.

  • So now it's time for all of us

  • to wake up before it's too late.

  • Next time on Qanon News Break.

  • Learn how Jesus Christ,

  • a confirmed bachelor and known Jew,

  • who is beloved by Hollywood

  • and confessed to spending 40 days

  • at a desert retreat with the devil,

  • might just be the biggest deep state

  • double agent of them all.

  • This has been a Qanon News Break.

  • Man, that makes you think, doesn't it, Andy?

  • Yeah, think that my great aunt was right.

You know, unfortunately it wouldn't be

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QAnon News Break: Santa Claus Edition - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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