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  • NARRATOR: What's more thrilling than a shark?

  • A mob of them.

  • Sharks might have invented crowdsourcing.

  • Every year between May and July, billions of migrating sardines

  • come to spawn off the coast of South Africa,

  • catering one of the largest feeding frenzies in the world.

  • Sharks make the guest list.

  • Hundreds of copper sharks swooping through

  • a dense oily cloud of fish.

  • [music playing]

  • The sardines try to thwart the attack

  • by banding together into a tight shimmering disco ball.

  • When a shark strikes, the sardines scatter and escape,

  • or at least that's the plan.

  • But the battle's not over.

  • While the sharks harass the sardines from below,

  • cape gannets mount an aerial attack.

  • Sharks and birds corner the little fishes,

  • benefiting them both.

  • [birds chirping]

  • Air trapped in their feathers hampers

  • the gannets' ability to dive deep,

  • so they have to strike hard.

  • They hit the water head first with arrow-like posture,

  • folding their wings behind them to minimize

  • the force of impact.

  • Besieged on all sides, the sardine defense starts to fail.

  • [music playing]

  • To make things worse, a Bryde's whale crashes the party.

  • Rising from the depths, this 15 ton giant devours

  • sardines by the thousands.

  • Even the copper sharks give this 50 foot behemoth a wide berth.

  • And then it's over as suddenly as it began.

NARRATOR: What's more thrilling than a shark?

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