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British English vs. American English
hi my name is David Claussen with English-Quickly.com
and I just started a new Tumblr blog and I found this cool poster
with British vs. American English and I made this blog here learn English quickly and I put
some of my videos on it
so let's learn some of the differences between
British and American English
I am going to give you my British accent and it isn't
good but
you can laugh
all right in America of we say apartment
and in Britain they will say a flat that is a flat there in America a cab
and Britain they would say a taxi, could I get a taxii please, I would like a taxi
but also in America we will say taxi in America a can this is a can or in Britain they would say a tin in America we'll say a tin can
cookie in America, hello I would like a biscuit could we have some biscuits with our tea please
maize I would like some maize for corn
a diaper this for a baby
a nappy, I would like a nappy be an eraser in America
and in English this is a rubber of a talker of a
rubber in America is something
different I'll tell you in another lesson we say fall they say autumn, the autumn is beautiful here in fall the autumn weather a faucet
and they will say a tap, that's a tap
we also in America will say this is tap water the water is tap water
in America it's gas or gasoline in England it's petrol the Petrol highway motorway
a hood of the car, the bonnet that's the bonnet mail, I got the mail today the post, that's the post
a movie a film, film, pajamas
pyjamas, kind of the same
English pronunciation I think
I lived in England a long time ago so
I'm not sure we say sneakers, they say trainers I'm going to put all my trainers and the big one we say soccer and the whole world than the
says football we will play a football match, stove
or cooker a trunk on a car, a boot, a vacation holiday a vest a waistecoat America it's
candy we say sweet, I would like a sweet, chips crisps
closet a wardrobe
although people in America will say wardrobe too sell drapes curtains
but in America we will say curtains I grew up saying curtains
dungarees, dungarees an elevator and a lift, I would like to go up the lift they use a subway underground or tube, a tire a tyre
truck a lorry and we will go in our lorry windshield wiper
windscreen wiper
yard a garden, the garden
a zipper
or a zip, a flashlight of torch
fries chips, garbage
the rubbish, jello jelly
a license plate
a number plate a line in America a queue pants
trousers, scotch tape sellotape sidewalk
and the pavement, so that's the difference between British and American English
a few vocabulary words
for many more free English lessons go to England - quickly.com and I have a free newsletter
and if you have for ANS friends that could learn English
you could share my video on facebook or twitter and you can check out my new blog on
tumblr, a very popular blog network and you can make your own blog if you would like
or if you need to feel free to subscribe to my
Youtube channel so thanks for your time and happy English learning
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British vs. American English Vocabulary and Pronunciation for ESL Students

3600 Folder Collection
Bruce Lan published on May 30, 2014
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