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  • Have you ever wondered how people in power manipulate the masses!

  • you probably have been their victim without realising that!

  • But, how exactly manipulation works?

  • Imagine we have some kind of truth and false, our job is to remove the truth from the sphere

  • of the view of person that we are trying to manipulate.

  • You don't necessarily have to get rid of it, you can simply distract people from it

  • by drawing their attention to something else.

  • But humans naturally search and analyse, so if you leave someone with a lie, at the end

  • of the day, the human mind will find an alternative.

  • But whats fascinating is that, when you separate the lie into two parts, everything changes

  • (Lie number 1, lie number 2) The human mind starts thinking that one of

  • them is the truth, so it chooses the best option and calms down, thinking that he has

  • has found the truth when in reality thats just another lie.

  • For example, you are told: we either get rid of immigrants and get back our jobs or keep

  • them and stay unemployed! the choice is yours!

  • but they don't tell you that you can have both of them!

  • they push your mind to choose between two false solutions! if someone falls under this

  • kind of manipulation, he would not ask himself: why does he even have to choose!

  • The scale of this manipulation extends further than you think!

  • You are told: socialism or capitalism? but they don't tell you is that none of

  • these systems can exist without the other! and throughout the last century, the entire

  • world was divided because of it!

  • they say: you can either try to get rich but be unhappy or stay average and be happy! because

  • eventually money can't buy happiness! but they don't tell you that you can be

  • super rich and super happy at the same freaking time!

  • This is often done through 3 steps!

  • First, artificially create a problem that attracts attention.

  • The bad guys on the other side of the world want to nuke us!

  • if we don't do something, we will be destroyed! this noise attracts people, the problem might

  • really exist, but its often very exaggerated!

  • Then we are given 2 solutions, we either live in peace but under threat or attack that country

  • and solve the problem.

  • Finally, come up with 2 smalls groups of people who will generate a lot of noise! one that

  • passionately supports the war while other that promotes peace and that will divide the

  • entire society!

  • But none of these options are good for the society, they just benefit the politicians

  • and their friends!

  • This method is often used to distract people from real problems but also as a marketing

  • strategy.

  • Corporations artificially create problems to make some noise and draw attention to their

  • products and boost their sales.

  • There are countless number of example, but this video has to end!Thanks for watching

  • I will see you in the next one!

Have you ever wondered how people in power manipulate the masses!

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Here is How We are all Manipulated

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/19
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