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  • What we see in pornography is so much about men controlling and dominating

  • and hurting women.

  • Men are consuming huge quantities of pornography,

  • they have no idea where it comes from at all.

  • They have no interest or concern about the performers.

  • Well I think people that watch it presume that it's acting.

  • They presume that people are performing something to a script,

  • something that's been choreographed and that if they can go to the cinema

  • and watch a violent movie where people are being paid to act

  • then it isn't any different in pornography.

  • I think it's just a get out clause that people give to themselves

  • because they want to see pretty vicious things being done to women.

  • Think something that's really difficult for us to get our heads

  • round as ethical people, if we call ourselves that,

  • is that desire amoral.

  • Now it's not immoral but we might fantasise about things

  • that we'd never have-- we'd never dream of doing in real life

  • and so pornography tends to fill that void.

  • And if you could guarantee that that person wasn't harmed in the process

  • then is it wrong to want to watch that?

  • I think desire has to be moral right? If we're not putting our desires

  • to the test with our morals,

  • then what is even the point of having morals, right?

  • I do firmly believe that there are ways of protecting our performers

  • involved in the porn industry.

  • And I think it's really important to say that men can also be vulnerable,

  • to exploitation as well as women.

  • Even if we see men performing dominant acts and always being on top

  • so to speak in the industry, we know that sometimes they're forced

  • or encouraged to take Viagra way past the point of comfort.

  • The nature of sexism is that it does come down harder on women.

  • A woman's career is shorter, the kind of acts that a women has to do

  • in pornography to collect the big bucks.

  • Like, you are going age out of pornography at a very young age.

  • And for women, that means doing stuff

  • that is tougher and tougher on your body.

  • From the perspective of someone that's been a sex worker

  • and done sex-- sexual things with people that I didn't know,

  • didn't necessarily like or find attractive but that they were

  • paying me to do those things with them...

  • I would say that, in those situations,

  • I was happy to take the money

  • because it was preferable to lots of other kinds of work and I was often,

  • you know, I was treated really well by and large.

  • Everything we did was consensual, I set the terms of it.

  • So, I don't think sex is the same for everyone.

  • The levels of trauma among women who sold sex are really, really high.

  • The level of exposure to other kinds of violence are really, really high.

  • And that's true whether they're selling sex

  • on a person to person basis

  • or whether they're selling sex as part of pornography.

  • You know, ten years ago we didn't have a discussion about ethical porn,

  • today we do.

  • Today there are numerous places you can go on the internet to find it.

  • I think ethical porn and the stuff that's produced by women for women

  • and by LBGT performers and producers, prove that there's another way

  • to make material.

  • It's a really small coterie of people

  • who are trying to produce ethical porn.

  • The fact that they exist isn't making a difference

  • to the rest of the industry. You know, if I keep my own hens,

  • that is not going to change the egg industry as a whole.

  • We should be really championing the people that are trying to do

  • something better and I don't think it is just like keeping your own hens.

  • It's a grassroots movement at the moment but with momentum and

  • consumer pressure it can grow.

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What we see in pornography is so much about men controlling and dominating

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Can porn be ethical? A face-to-face debate | BBC Ideas

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