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  • Hey guys! Welcome to the last day of the Sanja Festival!

  • I'm here with the Komagata Team

  • and I will be filming some pretty cool stuff today

  • It's the last day so the 3 big mikoshi are out

  • So I'm excited to see those

  • I was here yesterday as well but I only got to see the small shrines

  • So, fun!

  • Sanja Matsuri is the biggest festival in Tokyo and is known for getting pretty rowdy!

  • Neighbourhoods around the temple are separated into teams called "choukai"

  • with each having their own mikoshi

  • Shinto followers believe that mikoshi serve as a vehicle to transport deities between shrines

  • So everyone fights to try to get in to carry the mikoshi

  • This is why Sanja Matsuri can get a little intense!

  • How many years have you been doing the Sanja festival?

  • I did Sanja for the first time in 2007

  • What was your most memorable Sanja experience?

  • It was probably my first year

  • I was just sitting, watching and some guy just picked me up and took off his hanten

  • He put it on me, and pushed me in and I've kinda been in love with it ever since

  • Why is today considered the climax of the festival?

  • Sunday is like everything

  • The day where they bring out the 3 main mikoshi

  • the three main mikoshi get passed around the areas

  • Everyone like jumps in, fights to be a part of it

  • So much passion, so much excitement

  • and the day just ends with everyone drinking, it's a great time

  • Yakuza used to be one of the biggest parts of Sanja matsuri, and this would have been a common sight

  • But because of recent tightening of rules you won't be seeing many people proudly displaying tattoos anymore

  • I got the chance to carry one of the three larger main mikoshi

  • Some of the mikoshi weigh nearly 1000 pounds

  • Sanja matsuri attracts around 2 million visitors each year.

  • Definitely an event I would recommend checking out!

  • How was it?

  • Awesome! Good work out

  • It was cool

  • Today was your first time participating in the Sanja Matsuri! How was it?

  • So much fun! I've never done anything like this, even in my hometown

  • so it's a really exciting first experience for me!

  • What did you enjoy the most?

  • Carrying the mikoshi was the best!

  • It was scary! It's not that hard, but

  • you're being pulled in a thousand directions

  • and getting pushed around, but it's really fun!

  • Alright guys, now for the after Sanja meal of dojou or loaches

  • I think I like the sound of them better in Japanese

  • They are small fish!

  • We're going to take some and put them on our dish

  • and add some green onions and some sanshou or "Japanese pepper"

  • Let's give them a shot!

  • Ooo I love gobou (burdock root)

  • The name of this shop is Komagata Dozeu

  • This shop has been around for 200 years! In this exact same spot

  • and I'm pretty excited to try it

  • Do you like sanshou?

  • I love sanshou!

  • Alright, I'll try a little piece

  • Mmmm loaches

  • They're really good, the name sounds horrible but they're yummy!

  • Really subtle flavour, I thought they were gonna be super fishy. But not at all!

  • The festival is finished off with a chant called "kiyari"

  • Alright I hope you guys enjoyed that!

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  • And if you haven't subscribed already, please do that

  • and I will see you guys soon, bye!

Hey guys! Welcome to the last day of the Sanja Festival!

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Tokyo's Most Intense Festival: SANJA Matsuri 東京の強烈な祭り|三社祭

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