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  • >> JEFF: Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm one of the product managers for Google

  • Translator Toolkit. Google Translator Toolkit is a free online

  • translation app that helps translators bring content into their language faster and better.

  • To begin, upload a file from your desktop, or enter a URL of a web page, Wikipedia or

  • Knol article that you want to translate. For example, let's say I want to translate

  • the Wikipedia article for a Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • I enter the URL, choose a language I want to translate into, and upload.

  • Google Translator Toolkit automatically loads, converts and translates my document.

  • I can now work on reviewing and improving the automatic translation.

  • Let's say I want to correct this translation of Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • I can click on the sentence and fix a translation, or I can use Google's translation tools to

  • help me translate by clicking the "Show toolkit" button.

  • By using the toolkit, I can view translations previously entered by other users in the "Translation

  • search results" tab, or use the "Dictionary" tab to search for just the right translation

  • for hard-to-find words. In addition, translators can use features

  • like custom, multi-lingual glossaries and view the machine translation for reference.

  • I can also share my translations with my friends by clicking the "Share" button and inviting

  • them to help edit or view my translation. When I'm finished, I can now download the

  • translation to my desktop. Or for Wikipedia or Knol articles, I can easily

  • publish back to the source pages. Well, that's a brief introduction to our translator

  • toolkit. We hope you'll give it a try.

  • To learn more, go to

>> JEFF: Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm one of the product managers for Google

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Google Translator Toolkit

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