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  • hey everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle speech happy Halloween today I

  • have a Halloween themed a lesson for you and the question is how do I say the

  • word treat so treat can mean to deal with when it's a verb or also it can

  • mean an event or something that gives pleasure when it's used as a noun and

  • then for Halloween a treat would be a candy that you give to children okay so

  • let's go ahead and look at our words here okay so for the T R this is going

  • to be the hardest part for most people what you're going to do is you are going

  • to think about getting your lips ready for that R sound so think about making

  • them square and tense er okay so you have that position right now what you're

  • going to do is you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your

  • top front teeth for that T while your lips are in position for the R sound

  • TR TR and then all you need to do is move your tongue from the T position and

  • then either flip it back or point it all the way to the down bottom of the mouth

  • for the R sound TR TR I hear a lot of people say oh this sounds just like a

  • CH it does not if it sounded just like a CH sound the word would be cheat and

  • we're not saying cheat we're saying treat next we're gonna move to that long

  • e sound smile for that and then end with a T

  • treat treat now let's keep going if you want to add some endings

  • ed ing or Ment what do you do just think about adding an extra syllable to

  • make it easier we're actually going to think about saying the word tree and

  • then did for treated and then tree and ding for treating and last for treat

  • meant you're going to say treat and what you're going to do there the trick is is

  • you're just going to hold the tongue behind the back of the top front teeth

  • you're not gonna pull it down you're not going to explode the air up and then

  • you're gonna add the Munt I know people are gonna message me here

  • you can say Munt you can say ment you can say mint all three acceptable as

  • long as it's a super short relaxed vowel in that last syllable so we have treat

  • treated treating treatment and to make it a little more Halloween how do we add

  • this to trick-or-treat to do this quickly you're going to start by saying

  • tri then move to a cur because we're gonna link that all together into one

  • word Trick or Treat trick or treat so I hope that if you trick-or-treat

  • tonight you get a lot of candy treats so give it a try I know people are going to

  • notice the difference have you found this helpful

  • we'd love a like share and a subscribe and treat yourself to one of our

  • products on Google Play and iTunes happy Halloween everyone thanks so much

  • bye-bye

hey everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle speech happy Halloween today I

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