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  • Hey, guys, how's it going?

  • My name is Michaela, and today I have a really important confession to make.

  • I I am in love with this Saban and I know Moshi Moshi Shirahama Crimson's itis Xenzai is a traditional Japanese Wagga.

  • She sweet with red beans and mochi, had always thought that Xenzai was a winter desert.

  • But recently they've started selling this at 7 11.

  • I found this in 7 11 about a week ago, and I've been eating it almost every day.

  • I know what you're thinking.

  • How can you be in love with food?

  • The food Can I love you back whenever I eat it.

  • I'm just like Venza, creamy uncle mochi.

  • But I am viol.

  • Holy shit, I love Xenzai.

  • But for a lot of people in foreign countries, being paste is not something that we eat every day.

  • And it could be a flavor that is a little bit tough to get used thio.

  • But with this NZ, with the whipped cream and the mochi, it's really, really sweet and so easy to eat e creamy.

  • As you can see on the label.

  • This is an original desert created by 7 11 to sell in Japan and a lot of convenience stores across Japan are currently in competition, creating their own kinds of desserts.

  • And I find that 7 11 focuses a lot on Wabash Eat mochi and dango and dive goo and all the traditional Japanese style suites.

  • And this is by far my favorite.

  • So if you're in Japan, absolutely try this.

  • You will love it.

  • It is just It's so Senza creamy.

  • Well, if you're not in Japan, but you're still really interested in knowing what Xenzai is or what it tastes like, or how to make it, check the description box for links to recipes and other websites that might point you in the right direction.

  • Make it yourself pretty sure I still have xenzai on my nose because it's super itchy.

  • Crusty.

  • Yeah, yeah, my nose is crusty.

  • That's grows finally, and nobody cares news.

  • I also started drawing my eyebrows on because people used to comment that my eyebrows were annoying so hopefully they're less annoying.

  • And if you know more about eyebrows than I do, which you probably dio and you think they need fixing, please, by all means.

  • Leave comments.

  • Let me know how to fix my eyebrows.

  • Yes.

  • Okay.

  • Um uh, That's it.

  • I will make a video again soon.

  • Gotta go Vans.

  • I creamy uncle Mochi, you high.

Hey, guys, how's it going?

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I'M IN LOVE せブンのぜんざいヤバすぎて大好き

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/10
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