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  • Yeah, now you try concentrate

  • The ring will inform you where there is an imminent threat

  • This particular threat snipers Kilowog, it'll be a combat training officer

  • Welcome to the worst

  • Human ain't never seen one before

  • Yeah, I heard about humans think you're the center of the universe you want to be a man - you gotta commit to the core

  • Let's see what you

  • Remember your enemy he's not gonna play fair

  • That's good vice thanks gorgeous so

  • This is the human but I learned up in so doing and showing you I said there had to be a mistake I

  • See nothing to change my mind

  • I'll take it from here kiddo up

  • Core is only as strong as its weakest link now, I will tolerate no weak links. No step

  • Be afraid human

  • They were fresh

  • Shall we

  • Fiona's what stops you that makes you weak?

  • Get your constructs evil

  • I was a great warrior my mentor a friend

  • You

  • Insulted memory by wearing his ring

Yeah, now you try concentrate

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B1 weak human threat core ring fiona

Hal Jordan vs Sinestro | Green Lantern [Extended Cut]

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/09
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