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I just wanted to let you know that I-I posted my findings.
I saw.
And I just
posted a retraction of my paper.
Now the whole scientific community knows I was wrong.
These things happen all the time, Sheldon.
Not to me.
The only other retraction I ever had to issue
was when I was seven and I conceded that my brother
was the greatest ninja in East Texas.
But that was just a ploy to get my face out of his armpit.
There he is!
It's my favorite superhero--
the Retractor!
Come on, don't give him a hard time.
I'm sorry, Cooper.
I retract it.
By the way, Hofstadter,
nice job disproving the Chinese team.
It's not a big deal.
It's a huge deal.
Cooper, maybe physics just isn't your thing.
Have you ever considered a career in retail?
That way you could take things back for a living.
Okay, Barry, that's enough.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I can fight my own battles.
Isn't that right, "Bawwy."
Is that a reference to my speech impediment?
That's pretty hurtful.
I can't control it.
You're right,
That was uncalled for.
I take it back.
Of course you do.
Because you're the Retractor!
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The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon the Retractor

3302 Folder Collection
Lunmei published on May 25, 2014
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