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  • what attracted Maybe being funny.

  • E feel like video games.

  • It's important that he's kind to everyone.

  • I want them to be kind after really funny.

  • I don't really have a crush because that will.

  • That would be embarrassing, kind of somebody who is confident and complements other people.

  • Personality?

  • Probably the eyes, confidence, the face.

  • I think just being a kind person, their eyes being funny, somebody who gets your courts in your odd sense of humor when nobody else does.

  • How do you think and perceive the world?

  • Charisma, sense of humor.

  • Just being honest, I would say ambition, loyalty, loyalty is someone who could just be themselves.

  • Genuine compassion.

  • The ability to laugh, sense of humor, their moral compass.

  • I would have to say eyes, humility, someone I can laugh with.

  • Honesty, honesty, someone who just cares about you.

  • It seems to humor, understanding Honestly, I think being authentic and just kind of being who they are.

  • Understanding, loyalty, having a partner who has a lot of faith and positivity, independence, distinctive sense of fashion, the flare of feminism, you know, e find irresistible.

  • A crazy sense of humor, their honesty, their personality, their confidence, humor that she could laugh.

  • Honesty.

  • My wife is always there for me being healthy, someone that can see you in your low points in your high points and love you just the same kindness.

  • Their smile, I guess.

  • A good listener.

  • Reference my wife and she's genuinely caring person.

  • Sense of humor, understanding.

  • Trust the eyes.

  • They say a lot if you know how to read them.

  • Honesty, their face, the ability to laugh, getting to know a person spiritually, that's a must have communication.

  • It's intelligence and just being sophisticated sincerity to be able to depend on in decision making their intellect, honesty.

what attracted Maybe being funny.

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