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  • Hi, this is Bill.

  • And here I have a video for you about signs of bad luck and good luck now, really quickly.

  • Here.

  • Bad luck is, of course, in one day you have many bad things happen to you and you just think, Wow, what bad luck that all these bad things are happening to me in one day.

  • Now, of course, good luck.

  • That means good things were happening.

  • Just one good thing.

  • And another good thing.

  • And another good thing she's like, Yeah, I've got good luck today, and I like it well, some people in the West like Canada and America, they believe in signs of luck, whether it's bad or whether it's good now, some examples here now bad luck, these air things that people want to stay away from.

  • Now people don't like the number 13 lot like in Korea.

  • They don't like the number four people don't like the number 13 now very long history about that.

  • But it's so bad, actually, that on many airplanes in America, there's no row or seat 13 because people don't want to sit there on an airplane because they think they'll have bad luck and the airplane will crash.

  • So it's that bad now.

  • Also, people believe if they're walking outside and they see a black cat, they believe that soon someone will trick them.

  • Now, this isn't so bad.

  • Don't be.

  • Don't be rude to the cat.

  • Be nice to the cat.

  • Just tell it to go away and then be careful the rest of the day because someone's going to try to trick you.

  • That's what people believe.

  • So if you're careful and you catch someone trying to trick you, then you won.

  • No bad luck for you.

  • Now the other thing here, if there's a broken mirror, maybe you're doing something silly.

  • But if you drop a mirror and you break the mirror, people think that means you will have bad luck for seven years.

  • So that's a long time.

  • So you would want to avoid breaking any mirrors.

  • At best, you can.

  • So enough of the scary things right here.

  • How about some good luck?

  • Because we need this one.

  • All right now.

  • Ah, very simple.

  • One is if you're walking outside and you find a coin just laying on the ground, pick it up.

  • You're gonna have good luck today.

  • the old saying goes, C A.

  • C A penny.

  • Pick it up all day long.

  • You'll have good luck.

  • Okay, now here's another one that can mean two different things.

  • Let's say it's summertime and you open a window or open your front door and let's say a butterfly comes in your house and it's flying around your house.

  • Now there's two meanings for this one.

  • If the butterfly is a very light color, like white or yellow or pink, that means something good is going to happen with your love life.

  • Okay, you'll meet the perfect man or you'll meet the perfect woman and you'll fall in love.

  • So if you see a bright colored butterfly in your house, good love is coming for you.

  • Now.

  • If the butterfly is a dark color, like dark blue or black, don't get scared.

  • It's not like a black cat.

  • Ah, dark colored or black butterfly means you will have good luck with your business.

  • You'll go toe work and something good will happen.

  • Maybe ah, promotion.

  • Or maybe you'll get more money or you'll get a better job.

  • So just think.

  • Bright colored butterfly.

  • Good love for you.

  • Dark colored butterfly that means something good with your work.

  • So, as you see, we've got our bad luck signs and our good luck signs.

  • Now there's a lot more, but this is just a small sample of it.

  • Thank you for watching.

  • I hope you enjoyed it.

Hi, this is Bill.

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