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  • while we are struggling to make ends meet, some people make more money in a single year

  • than some nations do.

  • And I am not exaggerating.

  • If you are lucky, you might make a million dollar over your lifetime, but the founder

  • of Amazon, Jeff Bezos in 2018 alone made over 27 billion dollars.

  • In fact, his net worth peaked at 167 billion dollars in September of that year.

  • But he isn't the only one who made such an incredible fortune in such a short period

  • of time, many other billionaires have boosted their wealth as well.

  • Of course, it's great to make so much money, but when you are at that level of wealth,

  • it's pretty easy to lose it as well, since it gets quite difficult to manage.

  • Take an example of the founder of Zara who lost over 16.2 billion dollars just last year.

  • Or Mark Zuckerburg who's net worth was down by almost 19 billion dollars.

  • But the richest man in modern history was John Rockefeller who's net worth was estimated

  • to be around 400 billion dollars.

  • He took advantage of the resource that was newly discovered then and built his wealth

  • around it, by monopolizing the entire industry.

  • Of course, you can't do that today because the industry is too competitive and the world

  • is trying to get greener.

  • So the worlds first trillionaire will have to conquer an entirely new industry as John

  • Rockefeller did.

  • And its probably going to be space.

  • That sounds pretty vague because a lot of people still don't understand how are you

  • going to profit from space except getting satellites to space and delivering cargo to

  • ISS as SpaceX does today.

  • Of course, there is the potential of space tourism as well, but only the super rich will

  • be able to afford that.

  • So you might make a lot of money out of it, but it will definitely won't make you a trillionaire.

  • But the space industry is far bigger than that.

  • It's filled with an infinite amount of resources that are finite here on earth.

  • And whoever will start mining asteroids first, will probably end up becoming the first trillionaire.

  • Asteroids contain all kind of raw materials that are extremely precious here on earth

  • such as Gold, silver, platinum and so on.

  • In 1997 a small asteroid was discovered with a diameter of just 1.5 kilometers and it contained

  • 20 trillion US Dollars worth of precious metals.

  • And space is literally filled with them, a small asteroid with a diameter of less than

  • a kilometer can contain two or three times more iron and nickel than the entire world

  • production.

  • Of course mining iron and delivering it back to earth isn't going to be profitable, at

  • least in the forecastable future, but platinum that's quite rare and expensive on earth

  • is used in many technologies that we use on daily basis and would be extremely profitable.

  • You can mine 25-50 billion dollar worth of platinum just from a 30 meters long asteroid.

  • Of course, the excessive supply of these metals will definitely drive the price down, but

  • one or two companies will get there first, and they will probably be careful with the

  • amount of raw materials they will supply the earth.

  • On top of that, as the world gets technological advanced, the demand for these precious metals

  • will only grow, especially if we start sending more satellites and building colonies on the

  • moon and mars.

  • There isn't yet a single company that can mine asteroids but there are plenty of them

  • working on that.

  • The biggest challenge is transportation.

  • Rockets aren't cheap because they are not reusable.

  • However, some people are about to change that.

  • What SpaceX has achieved already is really impressive, but their rockets aren't 100

  • percent reusable and some parts need to be completely replaced before it takes off again.

  • But they are not the only company with impressive results.

  • Although that Blue Origin's rocket is far behind SpaceX's, judging by their history,

  • it seems like they going to catch up soon.

  • and both of these companies are privately owned by Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

  • By perfecting the reusability of rockets, not only they will be the only companies that

  • will have the ability to mine asteroids but also create a brand new industry and monopolize

  • it.

  • And since Amazon is growing tremendously and isn't showing any sign of slowing down,

  • Jeff Bezos will have all the resources to be one of the first people to take advantage

  • of the space.

  • And as Amazon is conquering one industry after another here on earth and building monopolies,

  • there is no reason they wouldn't do it in space.

  • So Bezos is in a much better position to cross that trillion dollar threshold first.

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  • Thanks for watching and I will catch you guys in the next one.

while we are struggling to make ends meet, some people make more money in a single year

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