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eso loud.
Have you ever heard anyone breathe in farm?
That's literally what this experiences.
Welcome to take your creative play.
I am your host, Emma.
And today I am here with the wonderful Chris Okano.
Hello, Not the ambassador.
Not so, Ambassador.
Indeed brings us to today's video where we are eating a lot of different natto snacks.
My favorite who?
All right?
I don't know.
Not are fermented soybeans.
Yes, and Chris eats them.
Do you still eat them every day for breakfast when I can?
Do not actually, probably you healthiest, cheapest food in the world that I know off.
It's like in Japan.
You can like a pack of three for like 60 m.
Yeah, just like 60 cents USD.
It's really cheap.
But it's also one of the foods that a lot of foreigners have trouble stomaching because the taste is quite strong and the texture is quite interesting.
It's very sticky, very slimy.
We have some interesting products today from the company Casson ago in Ibaraki.
So we're gonna be trying some different things today.
We have waffles made out of NATO.
We have dried natto beans and we have some really special uh, not that tastes is a different consistency than normal not, but we'll explain it as we get there.
So basically, actually, in this video for me, I love notto.
I've eaten it since I was a little kid.
If you wanna be on the budget, eat healthy.
This is the best food and cheapest food.
I think in Japan that's still really, really healthy.
And lots of protein in this, not dog.
It's funny.
I've had this before e at home.
I made my own e love a nice game, love, not one time was really bored.
My first year in Japan was like, Let's try it.
However, it seems like Emma is not the biggest knocked off, so But we're gonna start off with something a little bit light a little bit, hopefully tastier.
The normal matter.
We're gonna be starting off with Nuttall waffles.
Okay, so we have a bunch of different flavors of Wafa.
We've got so many flavors.
We've got coco green tea, Yuzu chocolate chip dried potato, dried potato and melon are the key flavors for Ibaraki.
These are the most popular.
So should we start with those?
Yeah, sure.
Let's start with that one.
I think we should also do this 10 yeah.
There's a green tea one as well.
I want to start with Mel.
Alright, let's do melon.
I'm just nervous because I've never associated nuttall with a sweet taste before.
I don't even know if this will taste like Nuttall.
I'm kind of hoping it doesn't e Oh, I can smell the nuts.
Oh, boy.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
It looks like a regular waffle.
It feels like a regular waffle.
Does smell like Melania's.
Well, it doesn't.
Doesn't you don't feel like sticking.
No, no, no, no.
It is normal.
It's dry.
Um oh, wait.
I think they want us to heat it up to Yeah, there.
It does.
Say it does taste better with the microbes.
I was going to see how it is to start off with if I don't like Yeah, let's just try.
All right?
Fires come by.
I cannot taste in that door.
Can you say something?
I could taste and aftertaste.
Hint, but I'm more focused on it.
Tastes like a really, really good like high quality melon E mostly taste melon in sweet, sweet waffle.
You could definitely smell it, though.
So there was a competition in Ibaraki for the best souvenir.
So all of these companies put together, put forward their products and the waffle one.
But it wasn't any of these flavors.
It was a komatsu.
No flavor, which is mustard.
So that was the best souvenir products in Ibaraki.
I must have spinach, not a waffle.
That's interesting.
I thought I thought it was something like this one.
The green team?
Okay, so we have the dried potato waffle.
We only have half of one because I want decided to eat half of it.
All right, But we have half, so we can have a quarter each we put in the microwave how it's hot, or you could see chunks of potato in it.
Actually, it's much more like, not otherwise, a lot of not doing it.
All right, here we go.
I prefer warm.
Uh huh.
Actually, this is the easiest I've ever found it, you know?
Do you know why?
Because it tastes like you made like, some kind of knocked o bread paste and put it on bread, and they ate it.
So it's like, very lighten up.
there like ooh, actually like it.
Weirdly, I'm surprised, but I'm actually really enjoying it.
I am look, so looking forward to eating this.
Okay, so I forgot to mention before the waffles, And actually, pretty much everything except for this is made with the kind of being that's called Mom and a car.
And that's the kind of being that is less sticky and less smelly, smelly than normal, normal math or beans.
So all of these are made with that kind of being.
Let's move this one.
That was really good.
So we're moving onto a dried natural snack.
Break yourself some bad, but But this one, this one is actually really good for you before you drink alcohol.
And also good for hangovers.
Oh, you are so small.
Going to contest and just, like, down all No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You cannot know.
Stop ready.
No, I'm not.
I'm not participating.
Petition with yourself.
Chris wins.
Is it really nothing?
Oh, you kidding?
I thought it would be less here.
I'll have one.
I'll have to if you can't handle it.
How am I supposed to handle it?
All these smokes?
That's wild.
Well, it gets stronger the money to buy.
Eating 20 at the same time?
So I think that these would go quite well as like a beer snack.
That's what supposed to Yes.
That's why I have a glass.
I mean, it tastes kind of like if you had, like, a bowl of nuts in a But you could also have a bowl of this leave.
A question comes down below whether you want to try this or not.
So I can see that the North of flavor is getting stronger and stronger as we go up.
So we move on to the next one.
Yes, I have some more.
Let's do some stir.
Stir, stir, stir, stir.
Oh, okay.
So the next time we're gonna try is Mom and Alka, which is the kind of being without stickiness and without the so much of a smell.
So I'm gonna crack it open its huge ready.
Uh oh.
Let's see if they stop.
Look, there's no stickiness to it.
It's literally just like a bunch of beans.
Like peanuts.
So different, General.
We'll look at that.
Okay, Ready?
I'm gonna mix it now.
Kind of a lot.
I'm kind of hungry.
It does still smell, but I feel like it's less smell than usual.
Yeah, I think you're right.
If I give you some, you have to eat it all.
This is Japanese way.
Give me a little bit.
Oh, no, no, don't.
Almost not me.
It All of it.
No, no, no, no, no.
All of it.
Okay, good.
So I have that much come by.
I'm not come by a little nervous and little nervous.
That's a lot.
That's a lot for my first.
Come on.
It's fine.
He's just thio eat natto I've ever had.
I think this is a good introduction than not.
E think so?
I think this is a good way to introduce to foreigners.
Yeah, I think definitely more foreigners would would be capable of eating.
I'm capable of eating it.
And I have a strong dislike of NATO.
We get on to the real one, uh, one of those from Ibaraki.
Now this one's from That's what That's the box.
Looks like this the way they package.
This is really, really nice.
Yeah, I've never seen not tow package this nicely, but it comes with all the sources.
Well, this one comes with three cut navy.
That's awesome.
So what's the difference is between these two, just the type of being is the whole bin.
And the bin is different.
My comes with Japanese mustard.
And also, uh, not which is just like things how NATO usually looks when you take it off.
Oh, yeah?
Well, you could look, look, look, look, look, you whatever you do motto, you actually wanna make it what they called Iowa.
Which means they want you to mix it, mix it, mix it so that you get this kind of, like, foamy stickiness to it, which is really good.
And that's the best part.
I could just feel the healthiness in this food already.
Yes, I did a challenge to myself.
A challenge myself.
How many of those do you think I in two minutes?
Two minutes?
Well, actually swallowing it, swallowing it and finish it.
Three in two minutes.
Four, two minutes.
One is like a huge amount for me.
So 56 I have 14 you are kidding.
You nasty No more.
14 about Okay.
E had 14 packets of not doing two minutes is around 480 g.
However, the Japanese champion had 350 g, which is approximately nine packets in 25 6 25 seconds.
Can you imagine eating nine pockets of this in 25 seconds?
It's really I think they had to do like that.
Like that nine times a little bit.
What is that?
E hate the sound of Chris sitting?
Not so he brings it in.
You breathe in.
The not toll on it kills me inside.
Um, but them a chance.
It's actually one of the better tasting others of a hat.
I don't know.
Maybe I've already had, like, the cheapest stuff in the supermarket.
So this stuff is actually some of the better Not I've had.
I still don't enjoy nothing personally.
So compared to the nettle that I've had before, this one is definitely the most easy to eat.
It just tastes like, you know, it's a lot dryer, so it's not gonna be so sticking in your mouth.
I really enjoyed this one.
Uh, this one probably second best for me, but it's still better than, ah, lot of not so that I've tasted before.
You just having a good time there.
I'm loving this record, so happy, so you don't always have to have not just by itself or with some source.
There's a lot of different ways that you can have it.
You can have it with eggs or seafood.
There's a lot of different toppings you can have, so don't feel that you're limited to just having that Or one way in many ways might make it easier to stomach.
If you find a little difficult, you know the good combination.
Know what it's like really soybean?
Can you guess we really soybean knocked over tofu.
Oh, really?
Okay, because like, you just you just put knocked over tofu and you put soy sauce over like you were like normal tofu.
Oh, so good.
It's like soybean over soybean.
Today's being an adventure.
Anyways, if you guys want to try somebody's not those, then please check out the links down below.
We were lucky enough to get all of these products from a not a factor in Ibaraki.
You guys didn't know Mito City in Ibaraki is one of the most famous cities Formato production.
So if you guys are interested in trying notto definitely try it.
You know, there's always room for the first time.
Thank you for having me on Emma.
No worries.
Thanks for coming on.
Yeah, It's my favorite video thus far.
Don't know if I could say, Oh, it's really enjoyable.
All right, well, thanks so much, you guys.
And we'll see you again soon.
Oh, yeah.
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Taste Testing Waffle Natto (Fermented Soybeans)?... and many other types of natto...

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 15, 2020
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