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[Reporter: Eli Glasner] Call it a bop or a jam.
What dynamite is is a record breaker.
Smashing the record for the most youtube views in 24 hours
before making that debut at the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
A first for a South Korean band.
I personally really enjoyed it.
I'm still waiting to cover it myself.
[Reporter] This fan makes her own K=pop parody videos.
She says dynamite is already creating converts.
I played it for my non-K-pop friends
and they're like oh wow what song is this?
It's so catchy and I'm gonna go search it up.
And one of my friends couldn't stop watching the music video
and she's a non-fan.
This music writer says it's all part of the BTS' blueprint for success.
Before the track was even released it put a 10 second teaser
and there was already like a dance challenge on Tik Tok about Dynamite
and people kind of like speculating the choreography Dynamite.
It's s just the latest smash for the Korean super group
who've sold over 20 million physical albums in seven years.
Lainey Lui is a BTS believer.
She credits the fan base but also savvy planning.
Very few artists released this much new music in one year
but they took advantage of Dynamite.
The fact that they had never released an all-English song.
They felt like the world needed a positive song right now.
She admits having a little trepidation about them singing in English
but not after she heard it.
They're singing in accents,.
They're singing in not whatever perfect sounding English is supposed to look like.
That is not the Queen's English.
For me personally I'm not Korean, I'm Chinese.
My parents speak with accents so it's so relatable on that level.
But it's so meaningful and powerful on that level.
Power to change the very sound of pop music itself.
Eli Glasner, CBC News, Toronto.
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BTS、ビルボードに新たな歴史を刻む(K-pop stars BTS make Billboard history)

25 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on September 9, 2020
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