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  • - [Orange] Hey, fruit lovers.

  • I'm Orange and way over there is Pear.

  • - [Pear] That's right.

  • Today I'm staying at least seven feet away from Orange

  • at all times because we're social distancing ourselves.

  • - [Orange] And also because I just made a new mega-zoo.

  • (kazoo humming) (rumbling)

  • - [Pear] Oh, yeah there's that too.

  • - [Orange] Heh heh.

  • Do we have to do this much longer?

  • I'm lonely.

  • - [Pear] Sorry, Orange,

  • but we're gonna have to do it for a while.

  • - [Orange] That's okay, I guess.

  • I have my music to keep me company.

  • (kazoo humming)

  • - [Pear] Augh!

  • So when it comes to social distancing,

  • step one is to stay home.

  • The whole idea is to avoid getting other people sick

  • and you can do that by avoiding other people.

  • So only leave your house when you absolutely have to.

  • - [Orange] Hey, wait wait wait.

  • Are you saying I can't play my mega-zoo concert tonight?

  • - [Pear] Sorry.

  • - [Orange] I can't work out

  • my non-existent biceps at the gym?

  • - [Pear] You cannot, for multiple reasons,

  • but think of it this way.

  • By not getting the flu, you're preventing

  • other people from getting the flu.

  • - [Orange] Hmm, helping other people.

  • Yeah, I guess that's pretty sick. (laughs)

  • - [Pear] Now, of course there are times

  • when you do need to leave the house.

  • Maybe you need to get groceries or walk the dog

  • or go to the doctor.

  • In those cases, you should do what we discussed earlier.

  • - [Orange] Use the cream to get that fungus off your bum?

  • - [Pear] Aah, I was not referring to that conversation.

  • - [Orange] Oh, when we talked about that time

  • you cried at Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2?

  • - [Pear] Hey, it's an underrated sequel, but no.

  • What I was actually referring to was the seven foot rule.

  • If you have to be around other people,

  • make sure to say seven feet away from them at all times.

  • - [Orange] Ohh!

  • - [Pear] That way, you don't accidentally

  • spread anything to them and they don't accidentally

  • spread anything to you,

  • and don't forget to wash your hands.

  • - [Orange] If you're lucky enough to have them of course.

  • (laughs)

  • - [Pear] Um, Orange, how far did I say

  • we had to stay from one another?

  • - [Orange] Seven feet.

  • - [Pear] Correct, so please back away.

  • - [Orange] No, seven feet!

  • - [Pear] Huh?

  • Ah!

  • (laughing)

  • - [Orange] Hey, that freak gets a kick out of this.

  • - [Pear] Would you do something to help?

  • - [Orange] Sorry, Pear.

  • I gotta stay away from you, remember?

  • Otherwise, I toe-tally would. (laughing)

  • (screaming)

  • (glass breaking)

  • Whoa, now that's some social distance. (laughing)

  • (folksy music)

- [Orange] Hey, fruit lovers.

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HOW2: How to Practice Social Distancing!

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