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  • Thank you.

  • Okay.

  • All right.

  • Mr.

  • I saw do you think you would Secret Army commando and no one was watching.

  • I'm always watching.

  • And you are going to stop throwing that garbage in my area way.

  • Don't nothing, man.

  • You imagine?

  • Oh, okay.

  • Smarty pants.

  • I'm gonna call you a bunch of cops in the house you live in.

  • Filthy, stinking pig.

  • You're You're a pig.

  • You come from a whole family of fixed and don't think I see you and your little friends throwing that garbage in my area, way in on my backyard.

  • Also like that, I think miss things I didn't do.

  • So I called you from this trash on my a little ringleader.

  • He makes his options that sit on the stoop to the sound wave.

  • Accused.

  • No, such Jess.

  • Yes, it's him.

  • And this other one over here will do not even sit on a stoop, let alone play in our backyard.

  • We're not having a smell.

  • It disgusting.

  • Foul over shit emanating from your house.

  • Fill your chest.

  • Feels you don't know nothing about my You are a menace and a disgrace.

  • This entire block the board of half honest shut you down you build, you change your mind.

  • You don't want peace around here.

  • I never had trouble with nobody.

  • You people.

  • Mokin!

  • Sorry, excuse for a man.

  • You better be glad we moved in here it right?

  • Ever hear you calling?

  • My kids names are accusing them of anything you have to get with me.

  • Do you understand?

  • Your mother?

  • You get the O way you get out May be a good president, Geo house, and you want todo way.

Thank you.

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