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  • Did the Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, all that jazz, so... Plenty of Fish.

  • I feel like there's just more, uh, pressure on, like, an immediate connection.

  • I think that might be because of the apps.

  • By the time you meet up, you feel compatible.

  • And even if you're not going on a date with someone you met on an app, it still feels like, all right, like, this... if this isn't an immediate connection, like, let's swipe away from this.

  • Dating 10 years ago...

  • I mean, I was a lot younger, so there was definitely a lot less communication.

  • The dating apps were newer, so I think the way people were, the way they acted was more reminiscent of the way dating used to be.

  • Now, it's just like, swipe, swipe for the next best thing and the grass is always greener.

  • Like, back then, I would, like, see a red flag and be like, "Ooh, it's Six Flags," like, I'm ready to have a great time.

  • But now, it's kind of like, as soon as I see something that I'm, like, that doesn't look right, then I'm a lot quicker to not really entertain it.

  • - I use a lot of dating apps. - Everyone in the university, they were also on it.

  • I just went for the attractive model kind of face, and if it was close to that, I'd swipe right.

  • When it comes to dating, I can't say that I was, like, dating in the past.

  • I can honestly say, like, dating apps have helped.

  • I was in Boston maybe two years ago in the summer and someone said, you know, let's meet at whatever bar was nearby.

  • And I went, and sort of looked back because he was late to showing up, and then he had deleted his profile.

  • Which means he either planned to dupe me because he was not who he said he was or he was just playing games.

  • I downloaded Tinder.

  • I've had Hinge.

  • I've had OkCupid.

  • I've had Bumble.

  • I've had Plenty of Fish.

  • I've had Coffee Meets Bagel.

  • I've had...

  • I've had every dating app of mankind.

  • It doesn't work.

  • My impression is that everyone has, like, the next best thing or another option, especially with dating apps.

  • 'Cause if you see one thing that you like, there can be another one three swipes later that you're like, oh, I kind of like that one better, and then you might have passed your soulmate.

  • Men just don't communicate very well.

  • And it sucks because you're on this bridge of just talking on the phone, like, texting, and you haven't gotten to the actual meeting point 'cause something always blocks.

  • No.

  • Every person I've ever met on the Internet, like, dating apps, like, they always turn out to be like, a little kooky.

  • Like, just like, it's just always a mess.

  • I think for me, like, I'm... I much prefer to just meet someone, like, out and about or like a friend of a friend.

  • Well, I mean, I would just meet people in events; I just go to interest groups.

  • Like, let's say I wanna go (to), like, a real estate interest group.

  • I like meet cutes.

  • - Like, "Oh, hi." - "Oh, hey."

  • -"Oh, my God, you're kind of cute." - "So are you."

  • Like, I like that; I like that.

  • Or, like, organic building of relationships, like, just natural, you know, meetings, that's it.

Did the Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, all that jazz, so... Plenty of Fish.

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