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  • I've seen his fans page erotic.

  • I worked at the Schultz studio in Northern California.

  • And today we're gonna do everybody's favorite Snoopy doing the happy dance personally be dancing.

  • It's mostly about motion and his head tips up slightly.

  • So we're gonna do a couple of light circles.

  • Teoh, get the placement for his head for his head and snout.

  • I'm not drawing this from too long, okay?

  • And then his body is sort of like a bowling pin, but we're gonna curve it just slightly because he's emotion.

  • He is dancing so sort of a teardrop shape.

  • That's gonna be his body.

  • So this gives us the basis.

  • So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna likely I'm not kind of dark in it completely, but I But I like we do the shape of his head just so I make sure I get it right, Nick right here, back of his head comes down This His neck is very small.

  • Stomach sticks out a little bit when he dances.

  • So the main thing we want to put in dancing pose is his feet are in motion.

  • So this is sort of his his hind quarters.

  • It's haunt China gets what you call a dollars back leg on his foot and then his foot's in motion.

  • So we're gonna draw his foot again right here and again right here.

  • So we're showing that his foot is moving, so we're not closing the shape and we're adding motion lines and it's gonna be the same first tale.

  • Normally is tell will be solid, but we're gonna just show his tail was wagging.

  • He is super happy, you know.

  • I dances.

  • His arms were outstretched.

  • So Snoopy has four fingers.

  • Unlike kids, peanuts kids have five fingers.

  • Should be only has four, cause it's a Paul and not a hand.

  • And then when he dances, his ears aren't down there up.

  • So we're gonna do, like roughing where his years ago.

  • All right, now we have the basic shape of Snoopy.

  • I'm gonna dark in him.

  • Go.

  • This is not gonna close this line in the back because that's where his arm is.

  • Overlap that a little bit to show its was actively moving its tail.

  • Don't forget his back spot.

  • His years, they're very loose.

  • Their emotion too.

  • Usually, when he's dancing, his eyes are closed.

  • So we're gonna put his eyes, your top of his head right here.

  • Eyebrows kind of bumping up like that.

  • Who knows?

  • Just a little bit wrong.

  • This might take some practice because it's like I said, a lot of emotion.

  • Not a lot of solid space is closed.

  • Man.

  • I'm gonna smile because he always smiles when he dances, A little drop shadow to show where the ground is and that's you.

I've seen his fans page erotic.

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