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  • hi everyone Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is a very long one how do I pronounce the word live which is where

  • you make your home live not dead leave go away believe in belief which are an

  • acceptance of something as true so let's go ahead and take a look at our words

  • all right so let's start today with the beginning and the ending of the first

  • three words because you can see also we're going to have that same pattern

  • here for the last two words so let's start with the L touch the tip of your

  • tongue to the back of your top front teeth oh it is okay if your tongue

  • touches between your teeth L that's fine just touch the Teeth the V sound this

  • last sound here and the f sound what you're going to do is you are gently

  • going to bite the inside or the outside of your bottom lip and the air is going

  • to keep moving out of your mouth the difference is for the V sound your voice

  • box is on vibrating and moving be sure you do not put your lips together

  • because then you'll sound like a BA and be sure to not round your lips into a

  • pucker whoo because it'll sound like a W okay so lips are slightly pulled back

  • gently biting inside or outside of the bottom lip air moves out voice boxes on

  • alright so now for the vowels let's start with this short ih sound your mouth

  • is going to be somewhat relaxed and your tongue is going to be just below your

  • top front teeth ih ih ih nice and short let's put that all together live live

  • live now for live we're going to open your mouth really wide I and then smile

  • live and your tongue is going to move from

  • low in the mouth too flat and high live and then for leave smiling vowel I love

  • this one just smile tongue is high and flat in the mouth let's try those three

  • words live live leave now all we need to do down here is we're going to add B and

  • do that lips are together and then they open up and then smile be your voice box

  • is on and moving you are correct and then we're gonna put this together B

  • leave believe believe you can hear when I did say this quickly I did use the

  • schwa sound so you can say I believe that or I believe both are fine it kind

  • of depends on if you are stressing that word in a sentence or not amen

  • and then belief we are just going to turn off the voice for that F belief

  • belief belief again you can say that is my belief or that is my belief both are

  • acceptable let's give those all a try live live leave believe belief you don't

  • have a sentence for you so your job is to write one in the comments below if

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  • at Tarle speech thanks everyone have a great week

hi everyone Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

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