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  • picture this a kindly old grandmother said snugly in her house doing needle point by lamplight.

  • Hot cup of tea sits beside her on a table on Afghan is tucked around her legs tonight phone rings Hello, Mom.

  • A bad connection.

  • Hey, it's Grandma.

  • Tell her Hit my very first homer.

  • Okay, Come up for a couple of weeks.

  • Will you be graying?

  • We see grandma board a Colonial Airlines where she has made very comfortable by the colonial stewardess.

  • Are you comfortable?

  • Mammo?

  • Call me Hanae, Right?

  • They compare needle point here.

  • The stewardess tucks the blanket around her legs and brings her a nice hot cup of tea.

  • Grandma feel so at home, she chats with some of the other passengers.

  • Veil, Actually, grandma in Bombay.

  • I wasn't internist.

  • I'm on my way.

  • Did to lead over convention.

  • The plane lands And at another airport we see chauffeur is holding up signs with the names of clients on them.

  • Is there Mr T Jones here looking for Gonzalez over here.

  • And a little boy holds up a sign that says simply, Grandma way Witness a family reunion.

  • Mom, it's so nice to see you.

  • You look great, Grandma.

  • like you've grown, as does the colonial stewardess who can't help but smile.

  • Bye bye, Hattie.

  • All you tell your mom about that letter for her call she and Toledo Bombay way.

  • Cut to an armchair where grandma sits with those two adoring kids.

  • Are you warm enough, Grandma?

  • Her daughter brings her a nice hot cup of tea, dear.

  • Some tea, Mom.

  • You call me Hanae.

  • Grandma has to put down that needle point.

  • Just hug those special kids.

  • We're so glad you can Grandma way slowly dissolved the colonial airliner flying off into a glorious red sunset.

  • Way here from your home.

  • Our home to their home, Colonial Airlines.

  • Your home in the sky.

  • Do you have anything else, David?

  • Yes, we're staying with This is our strongest concept.

picture this a kindly old grandmother said snugly in her house doing needle point by lamplight.

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