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  • We just put out a new record. This is our third record called "Moth."

  • As you can hear the sirens in the background, this is a record inspired by New York City.

  • We wrote and recorded almost all of the record right here, right here in this room.

  • In the past, we've gone to studios that have had more traditional layouts where there's like an isolation booth and a control room.

  • One thing we really wanted to do in here was have all the instruments tracked live in the room,

  • so everyone who's in the room is paying attention

  • and effectively contributing their energy to the take, whether it is a vocal or drums.

  • So there's no separation.

  • So vocal takes were, you know, often done right next to whoever is sitting at the computer.

  • I think the saxophone was one of the first things that we recorded in here.

  • "We use to have a piano in here."

  • Having the door opened by an artist like Beyonce to us, especially where we were after our last record, was a total perspective change for us.

  • It sort of just changed our sense of what is possible in the music industry right now.

  • How much everyone is mixing...

  • How all the sort of rules that people use to sort-of go by are gone, if not just broken.

  • And so that was sort of the mental starting place for us with this record.

  • It was like "Okay, there are no boundaries. There's no such thing as 'indie' versus 'mainstream' versus 'pop' versus 'experimental.'

  • It's all sort of one thing now, which was really sort of inspiring starting place.

  • We're borrowing a microphone from our friend Ben Goldwasser.

  • He said, "Yeah, test it out. See what you think of it!"

  • And we borrowed it and we just tracked one scream in it. And as a sort of joke, emailed him the scream.

We just put out a new record. This is our third record called "Moth."

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