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I am Bishop Briggs.
I am here with Vogue, and I'm just pretending that's a normal thing.
And on the day in my life, today, I am going to be doing a little makeup.
Look, I think the name for this is running into your ex makeup tutorial.
I feel like when you have this sense that you're going to run into an ex like you want to be feeling your best, and you also want to look like you haven't done anything.
That is the look for today.
Okay, so first thing I'm gonna start with are things that I found while shopping in little Tokyo.
Now I'm going to put on the's.
Little, I think, is that I found that's not the actual name of them, but it really should be.
And I don't know why, but I think people look so cute in these.
I use these far too often, but I just happened in and I keep it on for about a minute.
And then on top of that, I'm gonna put a face.
I mean, this just tells you everything you know about, like, the things I'm drawn to this this very much excites me.
Oh, my God.
I'm so excited.
Stop right now.
Good to see this is the confidence they need before running into an ex.
So I kind of put it into my head a little bit.
I did grow up in Japan, you know, I was a little lone wolf.
I got to get there.
And seriously, look at the smile.
This is This is the vibe.
I'm gonna take it off now and then.
I like to just put it into my skin is rub it in.
Also starting your day off with Hello.
Kitty is never bad.
Way to start your day.
Okay, I am going to put on sunscreen.
This sunscreen has been a little lifesaver for me.
I really just put it all over things.
I kind of use this Teoh prime my skin.
In a way, sunscreen should be going before everything.
And I think my best tip you do shave her head or thinking about it is to really put on sunscreen.
Oh, my gosh.
So I shaved my head because my friend, her name is Iraq's.
She got diagnosed with breast cancer, and so she had to shave her head.
And so I wanted to show my support the minute I shaved it.
It kind of felt like the person that I've always been isn't inside the upkeep.
It's like every two weeks, I would say have, like, clean, fresh shaped head.
I agree.
Generally probably the lightest shade.
The slogan for this stuff is your skin.
But better on I will say, Do you feel that accomplishes that?
I'm gonna use a foundation, and I'm gonna go over what I just did.
When you have the sense that you're going to run into an ex, you kind of make it look like Oh, my gosh.
No, I actually just got I actually don't even it's crazy during a wear makeup anymore.
Remember, You saw all my makeup on the ground when we're together.
Yeah, that's just not me anymore.
This has happened to me all the time.
You have the same grocery store we go to, so that's kind of a a nerve wracking place.
So a little goes a long way.
What I like to do is I dip the Russian like this.
I attacked the excess ago through again, and then I'm just gonna go overboard.
Whenever someone text me that they're pulling out, I'm like, Yeah, I'm I'm nearly there.
And this is exactly what I look like every time I'm gonna go under the eyes and this is major setting eyes and again, like one dip.
Okay, so now I am going to contour my face.
And again, if you're like, what's a little bit above your cheekbone, that's a bit kind yourself.
Yeah, it is, because that is where I want the cheekbone to be.
It's nice toe kind of frame, your face as if like the sun was hitting you.
So again, I still have tons of baking happening, but I'm gonna do the tip of my nose to make it look like Were the people in Whoville?
Yeah, that's my goal.
I'm also just doing underneath my eyes.
So now I'm going to blend this all, and I'm gonna dip this into the bronzer and I'm just gonna lightly over my nose as if the sun hit it that way.
Now I'm going to wipe off any excess powder with that same brush going with blush.
And I think when you dio run into an ex its next big Oh gosh, why I'm just flushed because, I don't know, maybe I did just have sex, even if you didn't know you were just like, watching that breaks apart.
Next, I'm gonna dio my eyes.
I'm just gonna put a little bit underneath my eye.
Now I'm going to go in with mascara, and I go from the bottom of the lashes in a kind of shake it a little bit.
Um, but I think you can never go too much on the lashes.
This is the most annoying.
But I have learned you have to wait till it dries a little bit to take it off.
So for now, I'm gonna pretend it's a freckle.
So I like to just use a little Q tip to get this devil away, do the other I.
And now I'm going to use the glossy a boy brow in clear, just to brush up my eyebrows.
I love highlights so much.
I brought three highlights.
Um, and if that seems excessive, get out.
I'm kidding.
You don't have to leave, Okay?
I'm gonna start with a little pinkish one.
This is a splurge product.
This is from your and I like this pinky.
tone for my cheeks.
Um, because it kind of blends well with blush that I already have on.
And then I am going to dio a little bit underneath the eyebrow.
Okay, so this is Fenty Beauty one Briana love that.
She did this for all of us.
And so I'm just gonna go on top.
God, I was going to the ridge with my nose, and I'm gonna go underneath again.
I mean, how crazy is this highlight?
Oh, makes me scream.
Uh, champagne pop from Jacqueline Hill.
This one is a little bit more gold.
You know, I honestly, I just get a sense of calm putting on these highlights.
And with this one, I actually dio inside corner of my eye.
So I'm just gonna quickly go over with that same bronze airbrush over the highlight a little bit.
It's to make it blend a little bit more, and then I'm gonna do lips like the overline a little bit Put it right here.
Just think exit, look a little bit fuller.
And now I'm going to go in with Let's stick.
Do you guys remember when we had, like, the baking Look where we are now?
Yea and then a little trick I do is that And the final thing that I do is I add this little sunscreen on top.
Violet it just like my head is the worst place to get sunburnt because I am putting a little bit of a shine on.
It would be cruel to not put on the Rihanna one.
This one's once so good to you.
Look, it's all right.
This is also make a trip.
Now I'm going Teoh spray my face Said it in place Face the day Face the potential x Okay.
I hope your glow keeps on glowing Look at the glow.
Thank you for watching.
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ビショップ・ブリッグスの「元恋人にバッタリ出くわしてもOK」なメイクアップ。| Beauty Secrets | VOGUE JAPAN

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 15, 2020
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