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A lot of the times when we tell people back home that we live in Asia
They often say oh the technology must be light years ahead of what we have here and in some cases, that's true
Like in the toilet technology because seriously North America. You need to stop wiping your butts with dry paper
You need to catch up with the times but most of the other technology here is readily available
Overseas like cameras and TVs and whatnot what we found that super cool in tech here isn't necessarily
Electronic tech it's more just very innovative packaging that leads to very pleasant experiences
So here's a bunch that we really enjoy here in Japan. Yes. This is a super nerdy video
And yes, we are far too excited about this stuff, but we got to show you this come along with us. You're gonna love it
For those of you that don't know I am a fanatic milk drinker
I love milk since I was a little kid, guzzling milk
Japan has some amazing milk. Growing up if you were rich enough to have a juice box
It came with a straw like this and you would
Smack your straw in and sometimes your straw would go past the hole point it would get lost
Trying to get your straw out or the straw would have like a little tiny air hole in it
Japan's got an answer for that. So here's the amazing thing about this straw
You grab it you pull it as hard as you can and you'll hear an audible click pop.
There it is and now
It's completely
Firm, it will not sink back in. It actually fits in perfectly so that you have just the right amount of straw sticking out
And it's angled at the bottom so that it gets every last drop guys
Look at this and then ready
What what
Seamless perfect drinking. I've also seen the same kind of like compact technology for chopsticks
We were traveling on Shinkansen and my chopsticks were really tiny to fit the box, and when I opened them up
They extended just like a straw and when you heard a little audible pop sound they could not be put back in
It was amazing. It was like fully extended adult chopsticks
Every last drop
So these are little ice-cream
Kind of snacks that we fell in love with not just because they're delicious but because the packaging is so brilliant
There's two ways
You could open it on the back if you want to go one by one because you have a little bit of self control you
Open it on this side
Only one pops out at a time and when you eat these
It's an enhanced skittle. Ah it's a frozen skittle. Like a frozen skittle except without being hard. It's got like creamy
softness on the inside while still being cold
That's if you want to go one-on-one if you have some self-control if you don't have self control, you could open it from this side
Which just opens the whole package and then you can pour them all out at once
Which I think is such a small but absolutely wonderful detail, depending on how many you want to eat. I'm gonna eat all of these
Because they're just so good
mmm.... Look at the inside!
Mmm, you gotta see if you can bite one in half. These are the peach ones
These aren't even the best ones - grape ones oh man. But they are sold out. Damn. Oh
And it's made so much better with brilliant packaging
Uhm, c-can. Can. Can, c-can I have one?
Here you go, my love. M:yay~! Eeee, too cold! (too cerd!)
Onigiri I did an entire stop-motion video on this if you want to learn more about it
But today what I want to focus on is the amazing packaging
This is actually pretty baffling when you first come to Japan because you're like I don't know how to open this frickin thing
It's covered in layers of plastic. There is a three-part wrapping system
What they've done is they've taken this crispy seaweed and kept it crispy even though it's touching rice. How do they do that?
They have a plastic layering system that divides the actual nori from the rice so that it remains
Crispy up until the moment that you open it up and kind of reassemble. So we got the one
we got the two and we got the three. Never done this backwards before.
So you grab the one tap here, we pull it down the center like that and it's gonna unfold all the way to the back
like this. Step two you're gonna pull this out really gently and when it does that it's actually
Lifting from between the rice like that pull this down and then I'm gonna do the same on the third side here
I'm gonna give that a tug and you can see the plastic lifting apart
Look at that isn't that totally brilliant? This is like a complicated layered
system. I have no idea how someone thought up this ridiculousness, but you can see
still crunchy
Ready for the as Mers
Fix your brakes, you're gonna die (car in background) . This is 140 yen. So about a $1.40. White rice,
salmon on the inside and crispy nori the Japanese sandwich
You can't go wrong, but you can go wrong if you don't know how to open it
Now whenever I think about food and convenience stores in North America, it's mostly just fast-food
They could just pop in your mouth really quickly
But the level of care and detail that goes into Japanese convenience store food almost makes it feels as if you prepare.... two doggies (Simon sidetracked)
Let me try that again
Okay, the level of care that goes into
Japanese convenience store meals is stunning. If you look at this right here. This is a cold noodle sets
They have all of the toppings of the cold noodle set separate with little barriers. So they don't even touch they have the broth
Separated mustard separated and then they have a thin layer of plastic
separating the noodles just in case so the noodles don't get pre soggy. Who wants pre soggy noodles?
Nobody. So here's how this amazing meal works. Step one, take your sauce
Crack that open and pour your sauce into the noodles like so. Take your chopstick
Make sure you mix these up get a nice separation
happening with your noodles. Gently delicately gently tear them apart
Let that sauce get into all of the noodles
so. Add your mustard mix, that in.
Beautiful. So now all of these noodles are ready. I can start adding my toppings
your little bit of
bean sprouts there and your little bit of
pickled ginger isn't this an
Absolutely, beautiful
Little healthy meal that you can have super low calorie for this delicious bright summer meal
grab a little bit
Wildly delicious, I don't know what this is called the only equivalent I could think of is Korean Mul Naengmyun.
It has that nice little vinegary broth all cold and lovely with so many great toppings on this and if this was made,
Pre-mixed by the time he bought it. Everything would have been soggy
The noodles would have been falling apart
But the fact that you can make it on your own for a quick lovely meal at a convenience store. This gorgeous little meal altogether
325 yen
which is like roughly three dollars and 25 cents and it's just
What else can you get out of convenience store in your hometown? That's this great?
Wow he's not gonna share any. that's ah, mmm. That's gonna happen today. Oh. Yeah. Me
Share with you?
Inside of my chopstick package, oh
We have here a Japanese toothpick. What makes this toothpick special compared to other toothpicks?
You see this little ridge right here. This little ridge here is super important so that you can
Break it off
You could put it on the counter like so and then you can have a little *** stand for your toothpick
That is so smart look. Look, babe
Put it back down on the table no Big D pick it back up
Mmm, it didn't touch the table at all. That's amazing
Toothpicks. They thought about toothpicks. That is amazing. Just amazing.
I absolutely love what they do with soy milk containers here. Now the kind of box tricks
I'm used to are either two kinds there's ones with the screw top that sometimes are okay, but when you pour it
They still slosh or the other ones
If you're a cheapy like me in which you have to like flip off the top like this
Pop it up and then you have to cut at an angle. Yeah, yeah
Yeah, whenever you cut it, you always spilled some anyways
This is so much smarter. Having the little angled spout there so that it pours out a perfect angle
It's a little bit of extra work, but it's so much smarter and better the rest of the world must implement this.
This is like Wakanda level technology. Don't share your technology with the rest of the world, Japan, Wakanda
Who's my boy?
It was my little standing boy
Yeah, you're doing it.
Hope you guys enjoyed our very nerdy video on packaging
I helps to open up your eyes a little bit in your home country because maybe there's stuff that you just take for granted
but if Simon and I showed up we'd be like
Oh my god, look at this lid, this lids so cool
You know what else is cool? Curry which is why you're gonna join me for my bonus video
What's so special about this curry package? You're gonna have to find out. Look I'm on a roll
I won the last one. I got more views. I got a much better bonus video for you
Do you want to try some peach Coke and some great Pepsi don't listen to him. These are gonna be
abominations come to my video. Don't listen to him.
I can't believe your video out did my video last time.
Yes, girl. Simon's on a wreck and roll.
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Clever Japanese Packaging We Love!

12 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 15, 2020
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