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Hi everybody. Welcome to Mrs. Lin's Kitchen
Today, I'm going to show you how to make
the Taiwanese style cold noodle
or Lian Mein
Lian means cold
and Mein is noodle
in Mandarin Chinese
Summer in Taiwan is very hot and humid
and can get quite unbearable
so eating lian mein it's very appealing and popular
all the ingredients in this recipe
can be easily found
so let's get started
Here is the ingredients overview
Taiwanese cuisine is strongly influenced by
Japanese cuisine
that's why you see dashi used in this recipe
I have aseparate video
on how to make different types of dashi
the link will be in
description box below
if you don't want to use dashi
you can also use water
there are many different types of noodle
you can use in this recipe
traditionally, precooked oil noodle
is used in this dish
if you have gluten allergy
feel free to use gluten free alternatives
like rice noodles
let's prepare the ingredients
first, grate the garlic
next, julienne the carrot
and cucumber
for your convenience
you can also use mandolin slicer
to produce consistent julienne strips
with a mortar and pestle
grind the roasted sesame seeds
if your roasted sesame seeds
are not very fragrant
you can lightly roast them
on the stove top
to make the sesame sauce
add peanut butter
into the ground sesame seed
with one third of the dashi
and mix well
next, add grated garlic
soy sauce
sesame oil
spicy oil
lemon juice
and mix everything together
you don't want the sauce too thick
or too runny like the one I show you here
you can adjust the consistency
using the remaining dashi
keep the sauce in the refrigerator
until it's ready to be used
as for the noodle
prepare according to the instructions
on the package
when the noodle is fully cooked
drop into a bowl of ice water
until cool
drain the noodle
and refrigerate for at least an hour
beat the egg
pour it into an oil pan
and fry until the egg is cooked
make sure to thinly spread the egg and
set the heat to low
so the egg is cooked evenly without burning
let the egg cool off
and julienne into thin strips
to serve
add the noodle into a deep bowl
then add julienne carrot
bean sprout
and egg
drizzle with some sesame sauce
and your Taiwanese cold noodle is ready to be served
this is my versions of
Taiwanese style cold noodle
it has been really hot in a bay area
and a cold noodle like this
is perfect for this weather
if it's just as hot as where you are
please give this recipe a try
and you won't be disappointed
a printable version of this recipe
can be downloaded in my blog and
the link is down below
in the description box
please don't forget to subscribe to my channel
thank you for watching
stay cool
happy eating
and I'll see you next time
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Taiwanese Cold Noodles

82 Folder Collection
Eunice Lin published on August 14, 2020
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