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I'm so sorry.
It's been such a long time since I've uploaded a video.
I'm sure some of you guys were worried about us
wondering if we were coming back or not.
But here we are.
As many of you may know
we returned to Japan from Malaysiain early April
and we received lots of criticism on our decision to do so.
Some of the comments were hateful
and it has taken me a while to digest it all.
Today, I wanted to let you know that we'll be uploading videos again
but also share with you what I've been feeling the last 4 months.
In June, I entered my 10th year on YouTube.
I've been doing this for quite some time,
but it's my first time experiencing anything like this
and I honestly didn't know how to deal with it or respond to it.
But this experience has made me
think deeply about what we do as creators in the public eye
having a lifestyle with no clear line between our professional and personal life.
We realize there are changes we need to make.
Looking back,
our decision to come back to Japan at that time was not an easy one to make.
and we discussed it thoroughly as a family.
We were in lockdown for almost a month in Malaysia,
but to avoid any risk during our travel
we were extremely cautious.
Luckily, there weren't many people in either of the airports
and we were able to maintain social distance throughout out trip.
But regardless, we wore our face shields and put on our windbreakers/rain jackets at the airport,
clothing that we could easily get out of
and too necessary safety measures.
After getting tested for COVID-19 at Narita Airport,
we avoided public transportation, and rented a car to get back home.
We received our test results via email. We tested negative.
And we spent the 2 week quarantine period at home.
We made sure to follow the rules and did all that we could to be safe
but as COVID-19 was starting to become serious in Japan
we knew we would receive some criticism.
But as a single human being
it was hard to take in the opinions of tens of thousands of people.
Some of the comments included things like
Don't you bring the virus here! People are dying because of you!
comments that made us feel like criminals.
Others told us to die, that they'd kill us, that we should be careful when we're out at night
comments that made us feel unsafe.
Some creators made hurtful videos about us.
Some people started making things up about us.
Attacking us with accusations with no grounds whatsoever.
It was hard.
I honestly didn't know how to go about sorting out my feelings,
but as I was battling all of my emotions, I came across this quote.
Open-minded people don't care to be right.
They care to understand.
Everything is about understanding.
What this quote made me realize
is that, in order to move on
I can't just keep defending what I think is right
but need to try to understand where people are coming from.
In the comments that we received
there were people who were genuinely worried about us
suggesting we stay in Malaysia for our own safety.
Some people objected because they cared.
Because it was such a hard decision for us
Because it was such a hard decision for us
we felt like we had to defend ourselves.
I'm sorry that we didn't have the emotional capacity at the time
to try to understand your situation or your feelings
or to try to consider why some of you might have said what you said.
I think that we came off as only caring about ourselves
and we feel terrible if we made any of you feel that way.
It was hard confronting all the different opinions we received
It was a scarring experience.
but it also made us realize the things that we need to work on going forth.
We will be going back to our regular uploads starting with the next video.
And this was also a difficult decision
but we've decided to turn off the comment section for the time being.
It's because of your supportive comments that I've come this far on YouTube
and because of your feedback that I've been able to grow as a creator.
So it was truly a hard decision to make,
but because of this incident we've been receiving lots of hate
and are being attacked for things we haven't even done.
It was really hard to read some of the comments
scary even.
I couldn't get myself to open my socials,
I couldn't even open YouTube.
I think these comments may have made some of you Chikatomos feel upset as well.
Furthermore, viewers began attacking each other
and it was no longer people expressing opinions, but expressing hate.
Seeing what's been happening
it's not safe nor healthy. and we felt we needed to do something about it.
so we've decided to close the comment section.
But that doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you!
Please send us your messages via the form linked in the description.
Please send us your messages via the form linked in the description.
Please send us your messages via the form linked in the description.
It's not as easy as commenting on YouTube
and it might be a bit of a hassle
but I hope to continue hearing from you there!
With so many different perspectives,
opinions and expectations,
I can't answer to it all.
In a world where you can't make everyone happy
what can you do?
You can believe in yourself.
I believe there's more I have to do
more I want to do
I believe there are people are waiting for our videos
and with that, we have to move forward.
We've been receiving messages of encouragement and support every single day.
Thank you guys so much for that!
We also want to thank those of you who showed us support for our decision
you really helped us get through a tough time.
Some of you have been asking about Pudding.
She is doing very well.
Watching her grow every single day has been extremely energizing
but exhausting at the same time lol I've been having a hard time keeping up.
No matter what situation you're in, kids are so joyful to watch
they make you smile
and bring so much laughter to your life.
To all of the Chikatomos around the world,
There's not a single person who hasn't been affected by what's been happening
Not just COVID-19, but natural disasters around the world,
problems of racism in our society,
tense international affairs,
Life is a lot to handle as is
and we've got these gigantic issues we're faced with.
Our situations and our problems, the scale of our problems may vary
but the one thing we have in common
is the importance of being positive
and creative.
We'll be uploading fun English videos for you guys again
and once the time comes, we hope to share our travels with you guys as well.
We will be uploading a new video soon!
Alright guys, thank you guys so much for watching!
The last little bit, I wanna share with you in English.
It's a difficult time for everyone all around the world.
Obviously, our problems and the size of our problems
vary among all of us.
But I think the one thing that we can agree on
is the importance of staying positive and being creative.
I think it's hard to see
what the future holds for us
with so many uncertainties right now.
But when you can't see the light
at the end of the tunnel,
you have to create one yourself
and light your way through the darkness.
I know that no matter what I say,
I can't make everyone happy
and there are always going to be varying opinions,
so all I can really do is to trust myself
and work towards the things that I believe in.
and that really is your light at the end of the tunnel.
What you believe in.
In a time when you are exposed to
so many different opinions
and so many voices,
it's so important to have your own voice
and trust that voice and move yourself forward.
Alright guys, thank you so much for watching!
So sorry that I haven't been able to
update you on my socials
and I know a lot of you were worried.
But we are back
and we're ready to start uploading videos
for you guys again.
We will have a new video coming out for you very soon.
Thank you guys so much for watching
and I will see you guys again soon.
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Understand, believe, and move forward

37 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on August 14, 2020
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