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(upbeat electronica music)
- Hi Guys.
- Are you ready to go to bed with us?
- You ready to go to bed with me?
- It's time to get naked.
- Oh, it's time to get on ready with me.
(upbeat electronica music)
- I use maybe two products.
- And I would say that it's about a
eight to 10 step process.
I don't wanna lie to you 'cause I've actually never counted
because who counts unless if they only have three.
- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven step process.
- Okay, so the first step of my nighttime routine
is removing my makeup.
- So I love this makeup remover
because it makes it easier to remove all the hard makeup,
like black eyeliner or in this case my mascara.
- So I'm going to start out with
is Chanel's Biophase Eye Makeup Remover.
I just put some of that onto a cotton pad
and spill it all over the place.
- I use this product called Bioderma.
I learned about it just through the modeling industry.
I also use these reusable pads.
I'm all about eco-friendly and sustainability,
so when I found out about these.
And I learned that you could just put them in
the washer and dryer.
It's just better for the environment.
- So this first thing I'm using it's Estee Lauder
Take It Away Make Up Removal Oil.
They recommend breaking up your makeup with oil
before you actually use soap to wash it off.
- I'm gonna put a little bit of the cleansing oil
onto the rag.
And basically remove my makeup.
- So my favorite method is the double cleanse method.
I'm using here Then I Met You, The Living Cleansing balm.
It just melts your makeup without drying out your skin.
It doesn't irritate it, it's not as harsh.
I'm melting the product in my hands like this.
I'm just gonna go in and smear it all over my face.
- As you can see,
a lot of makeup is still coming off of my face.
And that's why you do a double cleanse
'cause you always think you get all your makeup off,
but you don't.
- The trick is with salicylic cleansers
is you can actually leave it on your face
for a couple minutes if you wanted to
and really that can help to increase the penetrance of it.
I mean, I think in a cleanser
you're gonna wash it off ultimately, obviously,
but it's gonna really help to get off any of this extra gunk
that I missed with my wipes or with my eye makeup remover.
- It's always good to massage the product into your skin.
- With my final rinse,
I usually actually do a really nice cold compress
'cause it soothes the redness on my face
and just calms it down.
- I should probably have taken off my earrings, but.
I gotta close my eyes, bye.
Oh wow, lookin' good.
- Oh my, do you remember
when we like first started living together
and I made you sell your house
and you moved into my apartment
and we literally had one bathroom sink?
And like a sliver of a mirror
and this is literally how we would do our nighttime routine.
- Yes, we were at each other's throats.
- I know, look how far we've come.
- I know, we've come so far. - Okay, next.
- So I love me some face mask.
And this one is a brightening infusion mask.
I like using this one because they're really ones
that you can keep on a lot longer,
these are 20 to 30 minutes.
Sometimes you don't have that long,
but honestly, when you're on a flight,
these are the best things to use.
- But I love this mask so much and it's so easy.
It smells so balm.
- I feel like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, just.
- I have always been into masks.
My skin can breakout very easily.
It's important to me to use products
that are as clean as possible.
- So then I leave this on.
Typically, you wanna leave it on
for like 10 minutes usually.
I like to sit down in my room or whatever
with my Olympia and I watch Finding Nemo
because she watches that like a million times
and then I think I can repeat these movies.
- And then everything excess I rub it down to my neck
because the last thing I want is a neck going off.
It's not cute.
This is the time when I just start dancing.
(Indian music)
And I'm done, oh.
- I use Dr. Sturm's hyaluronic acid
which allows for all kinds of moisture and water
and plumpness to get into the skin.
Sometimes I mix it with the super antiaging serum.
Mainly 'cause it sounds cool.
- So I take a little bit of this Vitamin C serum
in a little droplet.
And this stuff is intense.
So I take a little bit and then I dab it on my forehead.
And then I rub it in.
Nice little glossy finish.
Kind of like when you're lacquering a duck breast.
- The Clairin's double serum is really smart.
So it's got two separate kind of containers in here
and you twist it around,
rub them with your hands to combine them together
and I think it activates whatever magic stuff is in there.
And then you just press it into your skin
rather than rubbing.
- I like to mix up my skincare routine every now and then.
So this I've just been using recently
'cause it's winter time right now
and my skin has been super dry and this really helps
for making it more hydrated.
- And like I said, sometimes I will just end
with a hyaluronic acid serum,
but today I'm feeling a little dry,
so I'm going to add another moisturizer.
- For the next step,
we're gonna moisturize rather than washing.
We're gonna put some moisturizing cream on.
This is Scotch Porter Charcoal & Licorice face lotion
with SP skin repair complex.
- This is in the winter absolutely saved me,
you know, these New York winters.
- I just love applying this on my face.
It just feels like liquid silk.
Just sweep it all over your face.
Sleeping mask helps retain moisture in your skin.
- There's nothing that I like most
than to use a lot of good creams, skincare,
that makes my skin so hydrated.
- If I feel like my skin is dry,
then I love this Dr. Barbara Sturm face cream light.
Like I said, my skin can tend to breakout,
so this one really does not make me breakout.
And a fun fact about me is that I do not use an eye cream,
I just use moisturizer,
I really don't love an eye cream, don't know why.
- Next, I use an eye cream by Orveta.
This is one of the most amazing eye creams that I have used.
It's a very, very strong concentration of active ingredients
and I noticed that it really, really works well
with puffiness.
- This is god send.
So it's a Acqua De Parma Barbiere,
and it's basically a little eye roller,
that has hyaluronic acid.
I said it right.
And you basically just take the little ball
and you roll it underneath.
And it has like a really nice sort of cooling,
calming effect.
- I just think the under eye area
is really important to focus on.
Give it that same love and care and nurture.
- So once you apply it, it actually instantly gives you
that brighter and refreshing look.
And then also something that I personally struggle with
is my smile lines.
So I always put eye cream on there as well.
- I didn't even think twice about eye cream
until I was in my later 20's and really when I became a mom.
Us moms know how important eye cream is
because we're tired.
Sleep will never be the same once you have kids.
- Next up is the Sunday Riley's
UFO ultra-clarifying face oil.
This is one of my absolute favorites.
It's really suitable for me
'cause I definitely have blemish and blackhead prone skin
since it's very, very oily.
- And now I wanna go in with this RMS beauty oil.
I love this stuff because I use it also
when I'm getting ready to do my makeup,
when I'm getting ready to go to bed.
- I try to go in upward strokes just because
I feel like I don't want to be tugging my skin down,
so I always try to apply my skincare in an upward motion.
- So today I'm gonna use the renewal oil
and I'm gonna use this new tool that I got,
it's called Skin Gym.
This tool actually relieves tension in your muscles
and relaxes them.
And it helps your skin absorb the products more.
I use an upward motion from my chin and nose.
It's always going up.
- So I put on the oil
and then I have this Nurse Jamie massage wand,
so this is ana-fist.
I rub the balm and the oil into my skin,
but this feels so good,
it's literally like a massage on your face.
I do it while I'm watching TV.
So I'll put on a mask with the oil
and I'll just watch my shows.
- And then I have this big boy,
which obviously I can't travel with.
I love having this as part of my skincare routine
because it really just makes all the products
go into your skin.
I've had this for four years now and I love it.
- But Jesse loves when I do this to him.
So you can get these anywhere, this is Nurse Jaime.
But essentially. - Now me.
- Okay, so essentially what you do.
- Oh, nice.
- It tightens your skin and also is really cold,
so it firms it up as well.
And I love to put this on Jesse every night
'cause he really enjoys the process.
- This is Frank Body lip balm,
it's like a coffee scented lip serum.
I just like it 'cause it smells like coffee
and I'm obsessed with coffee.
- So let's do a little bit.
Oh my God, it's cupcake icing, I don't understand.
It tastes so good.
- And it's a heating balm, so I use it on my cuticles.
I use it on my elbows.
When you're in the cold, when you go skiing,
use it around your eyes.
You can use it for everything you want.
- I have my Mario Badescu.
I absolutely love this stuff.
My best friend introduced me to it and she says,
she uses it to set her makeup.
But I always use it at night too
because I just like the way it smells.
- And all day long you spritz it on.
I have never smelled anything that smells this good
in my life, it's so good.
This I also use on airplanes and people are like,
what is happening?
- 'Cause it feels really good on the skin,
it's like that last, it just feels so good.
The perfect last step.
- Oh, luxurious.
- My body, it's a little dry,
so I put moisturizer on.
It's one of my favorite, it smells really, really good.
You guys definitely should try it.
And you gonna be glowing the next day.
- And I just go in.
I just make sure my arms are moisturized.
For women of color, it's important
that we keep our bodies really, really moisturized.
- And I usually moisturize my whole body.
I like the Kiehl's 'cause I think it keeps me moisturized.
And in the morning if I'm on the go
and I don't have time to put on lotion,
I don't have to because Kiehl's keeps me hydrated.
Usually I don't wear a bra when I'm moisturizing,
but you're all here with me today.
- Well now I've introduced you to like
a million different products.
- And I guess that's my nighttime routine.
- I'm gonna go cuddle with little Dim Sum, so good night.
- Now you can say you went to bed with us.
- Good night.
- Bye guys.
(upbeat electronica music)
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Everything We Learned About Skincare in 2019 | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

12 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 14, 2020
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