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Hey, does this conduct?
He'll come back to my channel.
Is this video I'm going to be showing you guys a Korean makeup and skincare holder I did when I was in South Korea.
So if you guys have been following my blood China, you would have known that I was in South Korea for the Christmas season.
So it guys haven't yes, express my channel on washers.
Korean logs have you haven't yet?
And also I went to Japan's If you guys interested to see what Japan clothes and make sure you guys check out that channel.
Surprisingly, today's whole, though it isn't a crazy one, because usually when I do create horses usually like massive horse.
But this time round I was able Teoh cut back on a lot of my spending.
The problem of Korean makeup is that they always come out with new items and the other things that come out with usually really good.
And because of that, I just keep buying and buying and buying.
So is this video.
I'm going to be shown you guys the answers I got in Korea, baby, I just before I start, please leave a comment for Stample loyal other videos you want me to make now.
I'm back in Australia because I want to create a lot of the content you guys this year.
All right, let's start off with the makeup items at first active, my God, the pearly night in classing pincushion and 11 a cushion.
Now I love these so much.
I just had to get them in both colors.
So I got these both in number three, which is the darker shape.
The difference between these two is the purple one is meant to be more for moisture on the pink.
One is meant to be more for brightening.
These are only like $12 each, so is very affordable.
And the cushion itself is very high in coverage and also really good.
Next, I got two foundations and these are the same ones.
These are from Fabio.
It's healthy blossom handful, baby in 23 natural bait.
And this is also the darker shade.
So I'm actually wearing it right now.
So the doctor shaking Corrie is actually quite lights because Koreans usually they make up.
They tend to do a bit more lighter than the actual skin tone color.
But I try and keep it as close to my skin tone as I can, obviously, because I am using the doctors color I can't really helped up.
I really love this product because it gives you a nice dewy glow, very gentle on your skin and very easy to blend out.
So usually what I like to do is I apply a little bit off this product onto my face, and then I use a Spanish just to blend it out Now.
I started using this foundation a lot last year because it's quite most arising on my skin.
My skin is dry, but lately is touched, a combination skin.
So my teaser does get a bit oily, and I feel that it doesn't really oxidize off my face.
It lost the whole day for me, while South Korea had one pass.
One cell on this foundation on full one of days is $23 but because of the one plus one.
So I got two of these for $23 which I thought was a bargain and since I needed some backups anyway for the foundation I got.
Now it's moved on some by product, so first item is a Tony Molly Mark.
Could I shudder?
Look at the packaging.
Isn't it adorable?
Now I test this out when I was in store.
And guys, this is absolutely beautiful.
So let's watch it for you.
Look at how pigment and glittery that iss is also really smooth.
And it went on super easy, as you guys probably saw on when you blend it out.
Obviously it's not as strong.
So I feel that this is a really nice touch to your eye shadow.
You can just plough on top.
Well, you can also pie on your lower lash line, which is what I generally due to my eye makeup.
Just so my I stand out a little bit more and makes it look a bit more weight.
When I apply some misery, I shall.
I believe this is a new item on Yeah, I can't wait to use this more often.
I have been really obsessive history.
I shot his lately and the next one I got is the holly car Holic are red lies I metal glitz up Now This one is wholesome, Really gorgeous.
So Sunny actually had this item and I used it and I really liked it, so I had to hunt it down.
Now this one was really hard to hunt down because he was sold out in a lot off stores.
Look at how glittery and these guys.
Now what I love about this product is that it seriously lost the whole entire day.
So I use this in the morning and by the time I came back, not type, it didn't budge.
Guys, this one is seriously amazing.
And this one was only like $7.
This one came in pretty colors.
And this one is in color number 06 Got some mascara items.
So the first item is the long lash up.
Co fixed quoting fix from Edgett House.
Now this isn't a scar primer and I really like them A scar promise from your house.
I feel that they are very good quality and also to help your lashes look like they are fake lashes because of lengthening is amazing.
Anything if this one is that it dries very quickly.
So when you apply this, you have to immediately apply in this car.
I didn't go back up off the edgy house lashed perm called fixed Miss Kara in black.
I'm actually wearing it right now, but this is just another backup because this is one of my favorite mascaras guys.
It is very affordable, only about $10.
It's not very hard to remove very easy and in terms of Korean miscarriages, quite bread.
If I had a really good mascara and this one definitely is one of my favorite Miss cars I've been using This is God awful.
About three years now and moving once of blush.
I got the Misha I told Prism and this one's actually from Sunny.
She recommended me this item because she said that it is a really gorgeous item on.
The packaging is gorgeous.
Got some rose going on the side.
I love Rose gold.
It's a really pretty pink and peach color is in a really small packaging, so it's just great to carry around when you travel.
But next I got a whole bunch of lip product from Perry Para.
Now, when I went to creates time, I could obsessive Perry para guys, especially the baby cushion I just showed you earlier.
But then, for some reason, I got really obsessed with their lip products because Sonny Port may 1 off their lip gloss and I could not stop using in the whole entire trips.
I received this as a gift from Sonny, and this is a Perry's in Velvet the Christmas In addition of the snow globe, it is so adorable.
Bus the pockets, all guys is amazing.
So I usually like to apply just a little bit on in a part of my lips and then spread it out slowly.
Hand it lost the whole day.
Since I pretty much used in my whole entire trip, I decided to pick up a few more, so I can't believe I didn't really try these early because these have been out for a while now.
Personable for myself is a Paris Inc velvet in numbers everyone sell at red.
Now this one is the same color as this one.
Here is just a different packaging.
So this one is a backup for me because I love because of that much.
And then I got the cloud Inca velvet in number three, pure apricot coral.
And finally I got the Airy Inc velvet in number nine.
Legend Brown Red now actually wasn't planning on buying days But when I was in Terry Para, the shop assistant kept on likes watching stuff for me, and I kept on liking everything she swatch.
So I am not buying three of them.
So she was a good salesperson, very zealous person, because my final days on the packaging for these items it's so adorable and really small to take around with you so perfect for traveling to put inside and make I got some lipsticks from bracing a add Lately I've been really liking these crazy lipsticks.
I guess in the past, I've never really tried out for a C A lipsticks because I never thought much about them.
But when I actually did, they were really good quality and lasted a really long time.
So I decide to get prey off these.
So the first time I got ISS the free see a lip color Matt on this is in number 213 big and then I got the free see Matt number to to to step on God and final lipstick color is in number 115 months, but it is a full makeup.
Isom snaps a move onto accessories.
First I got the skin food wedge part.
Now these are really good guys.
This one was maybe like it was less than $5.
I can't remember how much, exactly, but these are the best pumps I've ever used, especially if you're using these supply foundation.
I've been using it to my mind, and it blends my foundation perfectly.
So I bought another spare off these, and then I got some past from skin food and I got There's just because lately I've been more into foundations instead of baby cushions on, I prefer using the baby cushion part Teoh apply it onto my face just because it blends out better.
So I got the small parts that I can just put into my makeup bag and use them to apply on my face my high pile foundation, especially when I travel for skin care.
I didn't bite too much this time, but I got the costs are X one step original clear path.
Now I largest item so much just really helps cleanse my face.
So I like to use this after I wash my makeup off and cleans my face, and he just gets rid off excess on my face and just keeps clean.
And I love using this in the morning as well, because my patients feels so much more refreshed after using it.
And I've been using this for maybe a year and 1/2 now on.
I've been using them every single day.
I love him so much, so I just like to get and not a backup for myself.
I got skin trapping kids, and this is the same Harry kicky set.
Now Sonny has been raving about this line, so I decide to try it out for myself.
So far, it's been pretty good, but I stopped using this as soon as I got back to Australia because I went back to my old skin carry team.
But I guess we're traveling wise.
It works really well for May.
I didn't bring out from a but I didn't see anything to special women yet, but like I said, I'm used in about two weeks, so I can't really say much until I used more.
So I guess maybe when I traveled more I will use this more often.
And then I will let you guys know how goes.
Alright, guys, that's all my Korean whole sorry that I didn't really showed that many.
Eisen's is just because I decided to try and cut back on my spending when I was in Korea.
I'll like everything down below.
So if you guys want to find the license for yourself, make sure you check out that description.
Well said Lettuce being if you love Kareem makeup, you know in the comment box Down below is lower on the videos you would like to see.
Us always bothered me and my social media.
Over here, I'll make damn allies well, and while in my book channel to see, I'll take some.
What's happening in my life so scratches China if you happen yet and I'll see you guys in next video by.
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KOREAN MAKEUP HAUL - Affordable Korean Drugstore Makeup!

38 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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