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I am a huge fan of pancakes.
Love pancakes, almost obsessive.
Taking, especially for brunch, is my first time hitting a healthy, making you well.
Crystalline Kanye Travel pockets.
We're sisters.
You are half American and half Japanese, and we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much way.
Post Videos weekly and would love Frida subscribe to our channel along on all of our adventures Way, way, location.
Although way one, there's one in Newport Beach and then another one in Beverly Hills.
So we're gonna go to Beverly Hills.
Location going here is because we went to his mother, their sister restaurant.
It's a big based restaurant with Mexican way.
Had a really great time, their way recorder experience there.
We run a ball so sweet posted some pictures on Instagram and one of their matter.
Jurors reached out to us and asked if you want to check out one of their other restaurants so they had to, or of the restaurants that we saw that the Gratitude Bar looks really familiar or similar.
Teoh and they also have There are vegan based restaurant Believe, man.
This one definitely is way.
Check out their brunch menu, part of Beverly Hills, where all you usually see it out like movies and stuff where you drive down.
It's not like shopping, you know, famous shopping store, like expensive store high stores I never go into, You know, all the home trees.
It's just like a really beautiful shopping area.
And that's where his restaurant is looking.
And it's also really being in this area.
That was a lot of parking garages that are free for, I think, two hours so we worry about Parking is usually easy to find, but it's doable.
Living in my parking there, just parked and find the restaurant.
Uh, what kind of a roundabout way because way came out the wrong elevator in exit.
So now we're like having climb stairs and trying to get to the right street.
Candy could figure it out.
So yeah, waiver, gratitude where they have convenient public parking free public parking right next door.
That's awesome.
I love that because I hate looking for parking, and this is definitely a plus.
That way, everything on the menu is affirmation Base.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You could say, like if you wanted ordered by thinking like, you won't be like get order that by saying like, I am a bit hard to want to The only thing that doesn't have the affirmations the alcohol speaks for itself, but, yeah, gratitude.
You feel a little bit more weight.
Like this Drink.
The more vodka never had.
Chemo block.
I have not Tomato bell pepper, garlic drink.
Not too spicy, which I like sometimes.
Like it's too spicy with Mary.
A really good job keeping it just run.
So I'm gonna get me.
I am open hearted.
You are e i e i O u r And then the question is what breaks through?
Are you over or what?
What breakdown?
E o question.
I know, I know this is like I had a thing about This is what breakdown break through break down?
Um, I guess a a break up, break up a major break, right?
Do it by traveling more digital song.
Yeah, definitely.
Maybe stronger.
Like questions.
That was a tough question.
Yeah, I kind of think about it.
I don't know what I would have said, You're fast.
So what would you say?
You know that you have time to think about anything.
I get anxious.
Very so traveling has helped me Kind of overcoming.
You know, you're from you about your today.
But I mean, we already went to London this year and you're going to the Amsterdam Brussels with me.
Look, I love traveling with here.
I always so silly.
What if something happens on my stomach?
Gets messed up.
All that's like my number one fear Just so crazy.
But here, after a traumatic experience, had a long time ago.
So I think crystals help me overcoming.
She's getting me.
She's pushing me to travel like I would have never gone acute with before she got me.
Oh, survival, which is one of my favorite breakfast schools.
Super healthy.
And I just love how beautiful this one is that they put in a little coconut bowl that's so cute and so that we also get like two sides.
I got the coconut yogurt extending.
Sprinkle my Berries in there.
The texture is very hard texture.
I make it myself, always came out, So if it's runny or too hard, it just doesn't taste very good, but they got it just right, which is perfect when you blend it with all the fruits and everything tasted were crushed.
Um, wait.
Blacks taking on Anybody knows I am a huge fan of love, almost obsessed, especially brunch.
Is my first time hitting a healthy Thank you.
Well, I have stuff on there.
They have strawberry blackberry, very bananas powder shiner.
There's a maple syrup in with butter.
What, enough?
So you see what healthy like voice, which is a factor for me in pancake.
It's dry.
It's like No e Oh, I'm not even using Michael.
Sir, I like this with with you get like the sweetness with their thing is be.
I am trusting and bread and it's got market vegetables, avocado, Very savory dish.
Want to try a little bit of everything fresh, nice and life?
I do taste that barbecue flavor.
That's what it was like.
A barbecue barbecue.
Really good.
Look here.
Juices kind of dipped my bread in there.
In what way?
Combination of fresh avocado.
Really yummy.
Wait, Order This learns, but way So the cake.
But it's much more dense than the Shortcakes used to.
I have a very good flavor with way.
Had an awesome time at gratitude kitchen and bar that people were again.
So nice way Just ask for more because I know they're just so hospitable.
They're so friendly, called Gratitude Kitchen Far so that the part of the, you know, kind of like What are you grateful for?
So that was really nice.
I also like on their menu that they had affirmations.
Order is I am I have you like you are.
Thank you.
You really happy you're ever down or difference?
You can go here because you're gonna feel so much better about yourself about your day food.
So food was really good.
Surprisingly good to me because I got were not so, you know, go on.
Expecting like average.
But it was delicious.
I really liked I've never had a war.
It's called like Wait now Big men of the Bible is fine That one of my favorite restaurants, just like overall because we like the atmosphere like concept people hotel.
We really enjoy the stress way highly recommend you to try it out.
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Vegan Brunch at Gratitude Kitchen and Bar in Beverly Hills

57 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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