B1 Intermediate 6 Folder Collection
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Herranz came down here.
Welcome back to my channel.
In today's video, I'm going to be doing a really big Japanese makeup and skincare hole.
It's been a really long time since I've done a Japanese makeup and skincare whole, because I was kind of focusing a lot more on Korean makeup last year.
But this year, when I went back to Japan, I picked up quite a lot of new makeup and skincare.
I haven't really tried out yet, so I'm going to be showing you guys some of the items in this video.
I'll be trying out some of the makeup items as well, so hopefully you enjoy this video just before I started video piece of scratching my channel If you haven't yet to keep up to date on all my new videos wasn't check out my blood channel because I have a lot of Japan folks on there.
I'm also up earning a lot off All Japan box, which I never uploaded when I lived in Japan and also you see some extra fun videos on there from time to time.
But I'm gonna show you guys is a cushion.
Now I got this in its demo Inter Patsos, make our accessories, but then make up.
I suppose they usually have collaborations with Disney, Pokemon, Salamone and a lot more different ones.
So they did a Pokemon collaboration last year, and I actually made a video with the collaboration Isis on my channel.
So I'll leave that video down below.
Recently, they came out with a Christmas collection for the packaging off the Misha Magic Cushion Moisture.
And I haven't tried any questions from Misha yet.
I'm gonna open this one up now to try with you guys, because I feel that I never get to show you guys what's like.
The question actually feels a lot like I said in a normal cushion.
This isn't packaging I ended up.
Choosing is the lowland Baltics Virgin, which is absolutely adorable because it is a Christmas collection.
They did have a picket chew version as well with like sets, hats and stuff.
But I felt that after Christmas will be a bit weird to carry around Christmas atoms, so I didn't want to get that one.
The party's little ball picks his owners in the queue.
It actually feels really, really soft.
Guys like a lot softer than the usual makeup puffs.
It's just like you stand cushion and this opens.
Should I got in number 23 which is a darker shade.
This is students First Impression Swatch car Looks like it blends in pretty well because the coverage is good.
To be honest, I've tried out mission makeup before and I wasn't really huge fan.
But this is good.
I'm gonna use a little bit of this on my face.
Move your stuff like, yeah, just pressing it down a little bit.
You get quite a lot of product on it.
I already have foundation.
And I noticed also might look cakey, actually, really like this.
It's really moisturizing on the coverage is really good.
To be honest, I didn't have many expectations because this was only $10 for its Isom as well.
Not bad guys.
Definite recommended just being a Pokemon.
I'd since I always have another one.
And this is a Pokemon face pack.
Now I got this one.
I went to Village Vanguard on the reason why I got it is the mask itself is actually a picture mask, which will very creepy, but I thought it would be really fun to try out for video so that I might do like another try on skin care video, but Japanese skin care to make sure you got shake that video when it comes out a bit later.
Okay, guys, the next few items I am super specific side to show you guys I got ah, whole bunch off sailor Moon items.
Guys, look at all this.
I love Solomon.
Ever since I was a little kid and someone came out with a lot of new makeup products, I actually haven't really been able to find a lot of them because they've been selling at.
But I got a bunch of these assets from yes style.
So I think everything down below.
If you guys want Teoh, check out these license for yourself.
But they start with opening up these makeup I since I'm so excited that someone here is something I've been wanting to try up with.
Sore along.
This is the Rainbow Moon chalice Cheek.
I saw this when I was in Hong Kong, but it was sold out everywhere.
So when I saw yesterday, I was like, I need to have this whole wow look up, gorgeous.
It is who I love this soy march.
I don't even want to use this because of how pretty it ISS.
I feel like I just want to keep this in the back and never every user But because I promise you guys, I'm going to actually use the atoms.
That's do it.
This is a blush is a very lot pink collar.
Let me switch with my fingers.
Bullets class soft.
I don't know because in see it properly, but it's a super light pink color.
I can.
I wished it was a bit more darker in color, already wearing some makeup, but maybe can provide a little bit of highlight if I apply.
I just to be honest, I don't think you made much of a difference.
I mean, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.
I just really wish that the color was different, but looks like he can actually take it out and they replace it.
And maybe you could put up a small brushing side because you can take it out.
I feel that I could d i y a blush and maybe make a different color.
But for now, I'm just gonna appreciate the packaging because it's so beautiful I got is the miracle romance.
Pretty guardians Color powered up Now I saw his online and immediately I wanted together.
The packaging is meant to be off the silver crystal in Saleh mood on.
It's got those colorful beads inside.
Now I've used products with the base before.
I actually really like.
It's kind of like a loose powder to give you that translucent Jamari gloy when you apply on your face, and it's a great way to finish off your makeup to give you that doing.
Look, I'm gonna try and set my makeup with this powder and let's see how that goes.
Powder brush to go in.
I quite like up.
The packaging is gorgeous and it doesn't stop.
Lex is the miracle Rome at Shining Moon Powder Flat star.
I just love this packaging.
This is so pretty.
So this is like it's a powder and it's got a highlighter at the top, and it's got little stars and a Luna also and moon at the bottom.
The powder itself, I'm kind of confused on how to use, Just like the top part is a highlighter.
The middle part is the face powder, and in the bottom could be used as a bronze are.
But putting up or together like this kind of confuses may.
So let's just get that.
The problem is ivory got highlight on my face and palace.
I'm just taking my face.
In rule, I could see how this would work.
It's not very pigmented, so I guess I can use it as a normal face powder with a brush using a path.
It doesn't really pick up much off the product, but if I use a brush would be a lot better things.
To be honest, I think this one is just average less Item I got is a miracle romance, cosmic hot chick, flat stuff.
Packaging guys packaging all these, perhaps.
Oh, okay, so it's kind of mixture between a rose and a lack pink color.
Let's watch it.
Pigmentation wise is just average.
Not like the greatest.
Let me just trying swash color.
That is the color you get.
So it is quite light, which are really surprised because usually Japanese blush is a very pigmented.
Actually, when you play on your cheeks, it shows up a lot more, probably have way too much blush on now, social kick face.
I actually really like this.
So on your hand, it doesn't look like much when actually, apartment face looks good.
Next, I got the miracle romance Makeup Moisture Rouge 2017.
So this one honey just came out last year.
This is a transformation pin that cell phone users let me squash that.
Oh, it's very moisturizing and it's very pink.
I really like this.
I thought I could use this, but wow, it stains guys, I'm trying like, let it out and it's actually stating my hands, so that's really good.
It's a good lipstick.
Guys last to celebrate Isis.
I got a brushes.
So the 1st 1 is the moon stick.
I'm so happy with this.
One is gorgeous.
And then this one here is Spira Moon Rod.
Look at how adorable they look.
To be honest, not exactly the best quality, but they're great for traveling because you can just carry them around this and you don't have to worry about getting damaged.
But these will be grateful.
Like blush is bronzers highlighters, even But to powder your face for traveling.
There was all the makeup items I bought.
Guys, I am so excited and I cannot wait to use them more often.
Now I got some skincare isis I've got from Don Quixote, and it's all wrapped up because I got the more tax free now to get tax free in Japan.
It depends on the store.
Some stores.
They require you to spend over $30.
Some stores require you to spend 50 or 100 really depends, so you have to check with the store.
First Text range of Pagis means that you don't pay the tax on the items, and that is 8% off your shopping.
So to get tax free, you need to show your passport with a tourist visa inside, and usually they will wrap up your eyes and like this and tell you to don't open until you leave Japan first.
After Michael is a beauty clear powder from cannibal.
Now I've shown these in my best Japanese skin care products video, which are lik damn below.
You can check that out, and this is amazing for washing your face, especially when you travel.
It's just a little tiny container like this big, and all you need is a little bit of water, and it just cleanses your face.
It's amazing.
So definite.
Recommend this And then I got the mental eight Medicaid and lipstick.
Now I'm uses before in Japan.
I feel that my lips get super dry.
I don't know why maybe.
But when I was in Korea, my lips want that Dr.
In Japan dough definitely my lips feel a lot more dry and they would start cracking and flaking.
And I started picking my lips, which is kind of gross.
So I use his chapstick on my lips and it works.
One this, guys, and this is less than a dollar First item.
Next I got the tone you and sulfur upon from Sana and I've used this in the past and it's a really good items very gentle on your skin.
So I'm going to try and change my skin care, retained Iran and try some new Japanese products.
So hopefully this will work really well and I would do another video on Jack me skincare later, once I get a Japanese skin care routine actually works really well.
I've uses a few years ago and I really like it because it's really gentle on your skin.
Now I am going to be trying out some new Japanese skin care items.
And once I've tried them out and once I know that it works, I will make another video on Jeffrey Skin can actually trying out these items.
Next item is the same cup perfect with, and this is one of the most popular Japanese face washes and, it says appear, is being number one for eight years running.
I've been using this for a long time as well, and I use this especially when I travel, because it's really gentle on your face.
When I travel, my skin tends to break out a lot more because of the different weather conditions.
But this one really helps calm it down.
I've got a packet of face masks from Luton and this is for seven days.
So these face muscle really popular in Japan and I want to use this boy video.
So I got that final skin care item is a big fessed up, right up cleansing lotion abuses a few years ago and what you really well with removing my makeup now, the problem of Japanese miscarriages that works really well.
But it's such a pain, the ass removed because it just stays on your lashes.
And I feel that I end up pulling out more lashes, which is not good.
So I remember using this makeup remover on it would really well, so I'm going to try it out again.
So I'm going to try and his product, and it works really well, I recommend it to you.
That is all The isis I got in my horse.
So it's many just sell Ammon makeup, bunch of skin care and some Pokemon items.
So I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
If you guys haven't yet check out my top 100 Japanese makeup pull ups inside that video.
Actually, try on all 100 items that you guys can actually see what it looks like when you apply it.
So I'll take that video down below.
Make sure you check that out.
These funds off this video if you love Japanese makeup, subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet, and hostesses rest my long channel to keep up to date with me and what's happening with my life following my social media, which I will link down below and also let me know family.
What other views you want me to make?
Because I'm going to try and up a lot more videos to see if you guys Thank you so much for watching this video.
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6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 13, 2020
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