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Aww, did a wittle puppy dog get stuck in here again?
Son of a biscuit!
Oh! Is everything okay?
I think there's a critter in my trash can!
You don't say!
I just love wild animals!
Well, this one scared the bejesus out of me!
Oh, it's probably frightened!
Oh! It's a possum!
It looks pretty grumpy.
Oh, I've seen worse!
Well, I guess I'll call animal control--
Oh! It got out!
There's no need to be afraid! Our little friend was just lost!
So do we let him loose?
Oh no silly! Now he comes home to live with me and my 43 other animals.
Oh, and my seven coal miner roommates.
Do what now?
Let's get you all cleaned up!
You probably shouldn't have told me any of that! I... I'm the president of the HOA!
That's way too many animals!
Well, found the problem, but, uh, it ain't good.
I knew it. Every dadgum July this thing breaks down.
Evaporator coil this time. The whole thing is shot!
What's that gonna set me back?
Full replacement, parts and labor... you're looking at a couple thousand.
Are you serious??
There is one other option.
Is it cheaper, cause, I could probably just fix it myself.
Well I'd talk to her first.
Let it go.
Let it go!
I think she's talking to you.
Put the screwdriver down!
You... you're not burning up in that?
Oh, the heat never bothered me anyway.
It's really the humidity that will get you.
So, what do we have here?
-Total evap coil failure? -Yup.
-How's the condenser? -Brand new.
-Freon? -Fully charged.
Well, I can ice blast this for you for about fifty bucks.
That'll hold you over for a while.
You serious?
There might be a side effect.
Talking snowman.
But he dances and sings.
But the house will stay cool?
Below freezing till October.
All right, let's do it!
Step back!
Look at this stuff!
Isn't it neat?
Lord! You scared me!
Sorry! I just got my voice back.
Is this for sale?
Yeah. It's all for sale.
But you should've come earlier, there was a lot better stuff here.
This looks dangerous!
I have, on occasion, used it as a weapon.
I've tried everything to get that stain out.
It's so beautiful!
You like the Salt Life?
Once upon a time, yes.
I understand.
I'm from Pascagoula.
Is that a thingamabob?
That doohickey?
Yeah. It's broken.
If you push it hard enough and turn it to the right it sometimes...
I'll take it!
I'll take all of it!
This leftover junk?
Now my collection's complete!
You're a hoarder.
All right. Well, that's none of my business.
Twenty dollars sound good?
Did she pay me?
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If Disney Princesses Were Southern

248 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on August 10, 2020
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