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Hey, you've been looking in the mirror a lot lately, staring at all your imperfections, like your pimple or your smile or that weird thing that your eye does.
How you hate your nose.
It's easy to convince yourself that you're the ugliest person on the planet Earth and that you should never step outside again.
But you're wrong.
All those imperfections are never as noticeable as you would think, and there's so many beautiful qualities about you.
You just have to accept yourself.
Accept that this is what you look like, this is who you are.
You are amazing and alive and all those parts of your body that you call the imperfection are exactly what make you so what unique.
And if anyone ever tries to make you feel bad just know they're only doing so because of their own imperfections.
And they might even be jealous because you look like you.
And you're perfect the way you are.
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Watch This If You Have Low Self Esteem

559 Folder Collection
doris.lai published on August 10, 2020
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