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  • Rest now

  • My warrior... ♪

  • Okay, then, that's what I'll do.

  • I'll tell you a story.

  • Way-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

  • Wake up

  • Wake up

  • And let the cloak

  • Of life cling to your bones... ♪

  • Can you hear them?

  • All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgement?

  • All these people whose ancestors devoted themselves,

  • sacrificed themselves... to you...

  • can you hear them singing?

  • Way-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

  • Wake up... ♪

  • Oh, you like to think you're a god.

  • But you're not a god.

  • You're just a parasite eaten out with jealousy and envy

  • and longing for the lives of others.

  • You feed on them,

  • on the memory of love and loss and birth and death and joy and sorrow.

  • So...

  • So...

  • come on, then.

  • Take mine.

  • Take my memories.

  • I hope you've got a big appetite.

  • Because I've lived a long life...

  • and I've seen a few things.

  • Wake up

  • And let the cloak

  • Of life cling to your bones... ♪

  • I walked away from the Last Great Time War.

  • I marked the passing of the Time Lords.

  • I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out...

  • moment by moment, until nothing remained.

  • No time. No space.

  • Just me!

  • I've walked in universes where the laws of physics

  • were devised by the mind of a madman.

  • I've watched universes freeze and creations burn.

  • I have seen things you wouldn't believe!

  • I have lost things you will never understand.

  • And I know things, secrets that must never be told,

  • knowledge that must never be spoken,

  • knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze.

  • So, come on, then!

  • Take it!

  • Take it all, baby!

  • Have it!

  • You have it all!

  • Wake up

  • Wake up

Rest now

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Speech to Akhaten | The Rings of Akhaten | Doctor Who

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    Daniel posted on 2020/08/09
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