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Kristen, can you travel?
Pockets were sisters, your half American and half Japanese and we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much way Post videos weekly and would love free to subscribe to our channel Always along on all of our adventures.
The Florida Aquarium.
I keep wanting to say Tampa Anyways, I've never been.
The reason why we're going is because we want Teoh unique experience, which I've never heard of.
Most of friends.
I've been to l a great pick something different and so carries to see what they're gonna let us do with the penguins.
They have certain times where you could see them.
So there's about 3 to 4 to do throughout the day.
But they look up fast because I tried to get in last time, but they already now They open at 9:30 a.m. I went 11.
They were gonna go right when they opened.
We will get the tickets.
It's not bad.
$6 parking is this parking?
There's also garage parking across the street.
Which one is cheaper.
Depends on how long you stay.
Is it cheaper to park?
Here are, like in the garage over there.
Always cheaper part here because are done with the aquarium.
And you still want to go around downtown?
The lot isn't close till nine hour, $6 all day.
By the hour daily.
Probably be like $15.
Thank you.
William has actually located and channels by the water where the crews whose is take off from have a cruise port right next to you.
We're gonna see those penguins.
You way.
We will be doing that.
We just went Teoh Coral read.
So the first thing we did when you walked in because I wanted to see the big lab with sharks.
There's two sharks here that we saw a sea turtle local place to, uh, testing.
Always forget about the stingray.
I always remember them.
You go through, um, kind of like a coral reefs cave or tunnel.
Kind of go through that jelly fish and some were looking creatures.
Yeah, and the honeys.
Likeness parts.
That was kind of fun.
That was a lot of video that several times they're like Children.
But now We're outside because they're waiting for you in England.
Encounter way.
Were able to get tickets for that run out.
If you want to pull down, they have an awesome slash stone area.
Really cool.
And they even have a life card watching.
Really nice.
Now, not even 1989 degrees.
But it feels like 100 community rules on the top of the third floor of this rooftop way met this lovely boy, Devon, who works for the aquarium and saw taking some pictures.
And he was telling us, Hey, if you really like taking pictures, you should really go check out the Khobar, which we get a deck on the third floor up here on the rooftop.
Didn't even know existed.
Like I've been here three times.
I have no idea, but it is super hot.
So actually, your sunscreen if you're gonna stay up here for a while.
But, you know, we only stayed up for 10 minutes to go back down.
Yeah, I also remember PICO deck on the top floor.
Thank way.
Oh, my God.
E, you are So I also noticed that is a lot less soft troubles, different recovering.
He just got out of the pink and four and everything around it and more.
Surprise, Actually, let us touch.
Way have to touch to penguins, peple and cliff.
They're both so sweet there.
African penguins here they have five of on site on, Uh, they're very friendly, intelligent animals.
And I know a lot of people might think like it's hot.
Florida like that shouldn't be living here.
Actually, a lot of penguins live in warm weather, so not even knew they were going Today.
I live in cold weather.
Uh, you have If you're worried about that, don't worry.
Way, Way behind the scenes tour of the aquarium.
Way better get going on there.
Waiting in, like, five minutes.
Now this filtration yard here filters to habitats here at the aquarium way chicken way bigger, leaving money Now.
Luckily, a lot of our predatory animals they don't eat everyday, like depends on especially way wetlands of way out of the store.
Really interesting way.
Yeah, So you know, just be warned that most of the tour is outside, so you will be there.
Some shaded areas, information.
I have a lot of one way.
I know stuff happens, but you're like, Oh, my God.
We're looking bird honey now.
Yeah, I think it's beautiful.
It's a great picture.
You touch a stingray candy.
WeII done with the aquarium.
It was so lovely.
I enjoyed it.
Bit him in your burns is the first time, actually did, like, side tours, back station and all that is a really small So it's not like it was a huge people.
So, yes, that actually been a lot more different.
You knew a lot more How much money and how much effort?
They haven't ended, Erin.
They taking care because they are very, very prestigious recognition, ese a ese A.
I love everything about it today.
Yeah, you know, way got there at 9 30 Right when they opened.
And it's three o'clock.
Go way.
Have lunch.
In their way.
Yeah, I better museums.
Where is I have been to one count up and I've been to several appearance around the world.
Yes, I really did.
Like today, um, I have only just recommend those tours.
Especially yes, the penguin.
Wouldn't you love?
Made this my list very wise, because he did.
Yeah, definitely.
Um, so then we tried to go to spark network, which is right in the store is an outdoor food area.
But it's so hot today, we can't even stand sitting outside with almost 100 degrees.
Like I don't like you have way, Teoh.
I mean, what is 93 degrees?
It feels like 123 e.
So right now, I would be sweating.
Were in the shape.
Um, yeah.
If you are here at a good time, when the weather is nice, Smart.
My work is a great place to go to eat some lunch or early dinner.
Yeah, it was really cute.
Five to I actually haven't been since they re modelled on They have a really big green grass hearing.
I'm seeing that wasn't there before, so it looks completely different when you've been here many years ago, like me.
And you begin its same revamp.
So, yeah, the aquarium is break the Florida Aquarium in Tampa and channel.
If I'd highly recommend it should definitely, you know, give it a go.
And I appreciate it and not be, like, a little boring.
My guy did it once before.
Yeah, Yeah.
Step into the tours.
And the one thing I really, really enjoyed.
One thing in the aquarium is the wetlands area.
The corner.
Is this just all really live plants?
Size done.
So I love that.
Very Yeah, it is a beautiful place.
So we'll have more information about the aquarium on our block.
We'll put a link to it down below in the description.
And if you want to watch more of our videos, please describe Tora Channel as we upload videos weekly.
Thanks for watching fine.
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Meet Penguins at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa

40 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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