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No, I didn't care.
No, No.
OK, that's pretty rockin high.
Where crystalline Kanye travel pockets We're sisters.
You are half American and half Japanese and we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much way Post videos weekly and would love free to subscribe to our channel Always along on all of our adventures this morning Candy and I are on Tower of London way I've been wanting Teoh go here ever since Suite booked the trip to love this There's so much history here on It's just crazy that it was built on 10 77 I believe someone roughly around their 10 78 and it's still here and I keep looking at it.
So King Henry eight, is very famous for London's history, but he didn't really use this as his residence, but he did use it for prisoners.
And that's what is well known for is all the torture chambers and prisoners they held here.
Yeah, we just thought we were walking to the gate.
There was an entrance for the traders Trader Gate so looks really scary.
It's scary.
Like you come in through through the water.
I guess you must put in by boat or something.
Uh, gate opens.
It's just like, Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm trying a a 15 now.
The tower opens at night.
I believe I read somewhere there's a scared like a beef eaters gay opening ceremony.
But I'm not even sure if that takes place.
It seems like everybody's waiting in line.
Are there some people waiting in line for the entrance like five people there right now?
But I do want to be in front so that we could hurry up and get in and explorers much as we can before a lot of the other people were required to see the Beefeaters were excited to see the torture.
Chambers were excited.
They all the history on, um, some Ravens.
Hopefully we'll get to weigh just over this.
That was walking in?
Oh, no, I don't know.
I know.
I always, um it was a restaurant called Beefeaters or something.
There's a drink.
Are where this came from, right?
I'm guessing.
Yeah, because whenever she said, she keeps saying Big Peters, I keep thinking like a food.
She's like, Oh, there's a Beefeater and I'm like Like I was I can't find a restaurant or something.
Yeah, the theaters are guards of Tower of Terror tartar.
I wanted it.
So Beefeaters are guards of Tower of London.
It's just been like that.
I don't know for how many years.
Hopefully we'll find that out inside.
So they live here, actually, at the Tower of London, which I thought was interesting.
Yeah, Then she was saying, like telling a nice, They live here with their family like they have an apartment like inside.
Yeah, like That's crazy.
They live here on, they give tours of the property and they also are guards.
Well, let's go stand in line.
So candy and I just checked out the crown jewels.
First way got and right at I.
Also, if you want to get in before the crown, we've such lining of before.
There was already at 8:40 a.m. There's only 30 people in line, and by the time it was 8 50 there was a huge line, so I really don't want to wait in line, and that's what to get holders so get your tickets online as well.
So the first thing to Dio is check out.
Joe alleges behind us because there's always a line.
And when we went in, there was no line.
Right now they're starting to form.
And because it's one of the most popular things to do in here and right now it's nice.
39 30.
So already forming a line, which means by an hour or so five e even more crazy.
But you can't take any pictures inside the crown jewels, but I think they said it.
I think I read £20 billion worth of jewels in there.
It's insane.
I just couldn't believe how big the dining.
Yeah, it was like his and the crown's weighed £5.
Yeah, some of them they were like some tiny ones is really cute.
I mean, it's not like a huge museum that that section, but it is very interesting.
I can see why people line up Teoh.
Yeah, because you know, they've been wearing it since I think they have the 16 hundreds.
So and now they still wear the crown.
Now when they do ceremonies and or nations all that now we're making our weight forwards by the rave in place.
They keep six Ravens here.
So right now this was the entrance and I thought this was the inches and they watch up and then made of left on.
That's the crown jewel.
So that's where we are now and then we're gonna go down a bit.
Won't go over well with Ravens.
Crystal said that they always have six.
They always have six on site.
And Don said this some kind of myth that says the kingdom will fall of the Ravens leave so they always keep Ravens here.
Well, that's just spooky.
Do you think of this torture candy?
I waas actually surprised when I read that torture was actually really fair and that there were only 48 people held in this town have for torture.
So I was just thinking it was like a common thing like this came here all the time.
I've never seen this.
The scavenger, his daughter.
I think that says the most inhumane one.
I think you that you see a lot of movies shows, but apparently this is the worst.
It looks terrible.
I mean, they all look terrible, but yeah, it's a hellish compression off.
Tell me they did.
All this said it was worse than this.
What could be worse than that?
No way.
Yeah, Crazy.
Just crazy.
You know, there really is brilliant way Don't so natural.
Okay, this is pretty rockin like he was a visitor in 16 as a French math maker, traveler and writer.
Very interesting.
Like never ending stairs.
It's from the crown.
A Tower of London tour a guided tour.
You could take one with Peter, but way saw the ground with people hurt.
When you were saying talking Pretty was talking about, You know for sure.
I think there was at least 50 way you and I don't know, I e I do want the information about the same time.
I want to get a new freely on my own and done with one thing I just want get with way I, the record man watching the Tower of London documentary.
I forgot Netflix or Amazon Prime, but it's one of those channels on.
They do a really good job explaining the history behind it And what the Beefeaters dio I found out about them living overall way.
Loved learning more about our of London.
I I especially was, you know, very curious to see everything in person after seeing all these documentaries and TV shows on ancient land in a history.
Highly recommended.
Go toe pound your first.
So just get that line.
I was with her mother.
I think that something had a line to like.
We actually have to wait long.
Everything else Who knows, Like a normal museum.
We just walk through any tips, I guess.
Comfy shoes really is.
A little candle first.
Comfy shoes and be prepared for spiral stairs.
Okay, Well, if you like this video, please give it up.
And if you want more of our videos, please channel by.
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Tower of London in England - Ravens, Crown Jewels, Torture Chambers & More

54 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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