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Hey, everyone, it's Kim down here.
Welcome back to my channel.
It's been a while since I've done one.
So in today's video, I'm going to be doing an updated morning routine that I usually do when I'm just chillin and have a lot of time to get ready.
This usually happens when I just happen to wake up earlier than expected, which is actually happening a lot more lately.
When I wake up like most people do these days, I just grabbed my phone and try to sit up on my best.
I don't fall asleep again because that seems to happen very often for me.
I scroll through emails, check notifications, respond to comments or reply to friends to try.
Wake up.
I drink some water to hydrate myself.
When I sleep.
I tend to kind of draw a lot, so my mouth is always so dry.
Drinking water in the morning just helps me wake up a little bit faster, so I am not as much of a zombie.
It's still a little bit chilly here in the morning, So what I like to do when I first get out of bed is grab a rope for my plaza just to keep myself warm, Lost, getting ready.
My room is really dark, so I opened up the curtains.
When I wake up to just give a better atmosphere with the curtains closed because it gets really bright early on in the morning, I find it quite relaxing to just out the window to reflects.
No, not really.
I'm just thinking about what I can equal breakfast because food is all I can think about.
After I wake up, I head straight to my skincare bathroom as it's attached to my bedroom.
I usually feel gross in the morning because I put on quite a lot of skincare before I go to bed.
So the first thing I want to do is to wash it all off.
First thing I'm going to do is wash my face using the mentholated Agnese creamy wash that I got in Japan.
Maskin has been really prone to break house recently, so this is a really gentle cleanser now for the skin care.
I always like to start off my skin care in the morning by using these paths as they are very versatile.
This is a parietal or in one mild pad.
Look at order moisture in that one pad.
Take a look at that.
Use this more tour to pick up the pads so you don't contaminate the other ones.
Thes pets are great for removing left over impurities.
It doubles up as a toner, but also exfoliates your skin gently as Robert around this past have two sides, one in boss and one smooth side.
I prefer using this move aside as it's more gentle and it's better for every day use now.
I also like to fold the pads in half to double up as a quick iron mosque to prevent tied puffy eyes during the day.
It also feels good and wakes me up.
Next, I'm going to apply essence amusing.
The poor, itto fermented, complex 94 boosting essence.
This works great for sensitive dry skin.
It also gives you a dewy glow without making your face feel sticky.
A Robert between my hands and then Pettitte on my face and neck.
Letting it absorb this product is great to use if you are in a rush, because if your face is feeling particularly dry, you can do a few lays off this and your skin will be good to go.
Sometimes I can even skip toner and just uses straight after I cleanse my face.
Now for emotion, I'm using my holy Grow.
It should house moist, full college and emotion.
It's so light, and it just makes my skin feel so bouncy Robert into your skin and let it absorb to finish off.
I'm going to use the Protess and tell a grain level recovery cream.
This cream is light way and is non sticky, so it's a perfect way to finish off your skin care.
My skin has been extremely prone to breakouts since I've been doing a lot of flying, so using products that have gentle ingredients is very important for me right now.
Take a little bit on your fingers a little bit, goes a long way and then just spread it around your face.
This product creates a barrier on your skin, which protects it from wrinkles and irritation.
It also even out your skin tone and hydrates your skin without making it feel sticky.
Bring it down to your neck as well.
Not only does my skin looks so much better now, it also feels fresh.
What I got one more thing to do because of this camera here.
I'm using the mentholated acne scar care job because I pop the pimple and started picking it hopes so just putting it on the scab to calm it down so it can heal quick.
Oh, after my skin case finished, I'm going to walk to the main bathroom to brush my teeth.
I like to brush my teeth first before I eat anything.
Because, girl, my morning breath is so bad, I can't take it.
Then I'm just going to brush my hair, so it just looks somewhat.
Now walk over to the kitchen.
I'm just going to boil some water so I can have my coffee now.
You guys might be like Kim.
You have an espresso machine right there.
Why aren't you using it?
Well, that's because I like bad coffee.
My blend.
Here it is.
I think it's because I actually, like really sweet coffee.
I don't like the coffee taste, so yeah, that's just what keeps me going during the day.
And hey, I can save money on it while I wait for the water to ball.
I'm going to attempt to multi task while I was still half asleep.
So I'm going to get two slices of bread.
Put them into my toaster.
All right, Waters board.
So put it into your coffee cup store and then put in your milk, unstow that as well.
Coffee is done.
So let's just put that to the side for now.
Just going to go into the fridge and grab some more software breakfast, and it looks like the toast is ready.
So I'm just gonna grab them from the toaster.
I love but a toast.
So I'm going to just spread a layup, but on both of them.
And, you know, I'm one of those people that love avocado toast.
I know they are very overpriced.
I prefer to make them at home.
So you just cut up your avocado like so?
I mean, I'm gonna be honest.
I am not the greatest chef I like to do very simple dishes.
And this is something I like to do because it takes me just a few minutes to prepare.
I'm just going to put on some chicken salt because this stuff is the best.
Cracks on pep are, and breakfast is served.
So on lazy days like today.
I'm just going to sit down on this couch and just watch some random YouTube videos whilst I slowly eat my breakfast.
Now what video on my Washington YouTube guys, let me know in the comment box.
Down below.
Off course I can't do this.
Every day is just lazy days where I have a lot of time like today.
And yeah, I just watched random YouTube videos to catch up on friends videos.
Or I just watch son ran and music videos eyes done.
I'm just going to bring my stuff back to the kitchen and then wash them quickly.
Then I'm going to head to my makeup room and that my makeup retains the first off, going to pleasant primer just to give my face that shine.
Now I'm going to open up my clinic foundation.
Love this stuff.
Just put it all over your face and then get a cushion puff and blend that stuff out, going to powder my face so my foundation lasts longer throughout the day.
Just don't your days.
I don't really think much when I do.
My makeup was grabbed, whatever I can first, so I'm doing my blush here and then I just moved onto bronze are now Here I am doing my eyebrows and I'm using a stencil because I am so bad when it comes eyebrows that I need help.
So I'm just trying to fill in my eyebrows mawr here, but looks like I hated it.
So I decided to remove it and then start again.
I think some powder just went up my nose.
So yep.
Um lets me through the other side's they put the stencil on and then just feel in the browse and yeah, I think I'm pretty happy with this one for eye shadows.
I usually use my to face to eye shadow palettes because they are just amazing.
When I do my eyeliner, I like to have a mirror closer to me because I'm kind of blind and yeah, I can't see when it's too far away.
So I bring them her right up to my face.
I'm just going to apply some brown eyeliner on my lower lash line and some glitters and my eyes would pop.
Now I'm applying my highlighter.
And the reason why I didn't do this earlier is because I knew I would screw up my eyebrows, so yeah, I did want to do it again.
Finish off with a lipstick on your makeup is done now to kill my hair.
And I usually call my head the same way I get a lot of requests on how I do my hair.
So I'm just gonna show you guys quickly.
I literally just grab a curling iron, bring it down, and then coma Here.
Atwood's for those who are wondering, the hair color I'm using is ahead.
Bureau on.
I would try and find it and link it down below for you guys.
This is amazing.
It's the only hair color I've been using for years.
And yeah, I have got all my friends hooked onto this.
Once you get one, you would not go back.
Trust me.
Now, whilst I was doing my hair, I realized oh, I forgot to our coma lashes and do my mascara.
So here I am, just killing my lashes and then applying my mascara Now back to hair.
So I just like to section off small pieces and just kill my hair Now, always remember to co away from your face.
I actually used to kill one side away from my face and one side towards my face for some reason.
But you just be a bit conscious of what you're doing.
And it's not that hard to learn.
I mean, a lot of people were telling me in the comments that I was curling my hair differently, so maybe it was just May and I just couldn't call it a night.
But yet that's just what I do to call my head, Theun.
I go back to my bedroom, pick an outfit to get changed into.
Now, even though this is a lazy day, I was going to meet up with my friend and a wild Yuki appears.
Sometimes she had visits and yet she just happened to visit at that time, changed into my clothes and yeah, I'm almost ready to go out.
I just go and pick a handbag.
Just pack in essentials.
My phone, my power Bank and my wallet.
Then yet let's just head out now.
I grabbed the keys for the car and apartment and I'm ready to go.
So yes, that is my updated morning.
Retain, guys, Thank you so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed it.
If you did.
Don't forget to give a thumbs up.
Subscribe to my channel If you haven't done so yet.
Don't forget to check out my vlog channel because I'm uploading almost daily on there Also Follow me on my social media to keep up to date with me and I will see you guys in the next video.
Thank you so much for watching I love you or see you next time.
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47 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 8, 2020
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