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  • Did you know that it costs more than a penny to make a penny?

  • A coin roughly costs 1.7 cents to manufacture.

  • So, theoretically, if you change your savings to coins and then sell them, you will end

  • up richer.

  • There are a lot of things that we still don't know about our money, even though we use them

  • every single day, but can it buy happiness?

  • Does making more money is going to make you happier.

  • Most people are going to say, that's a dumb question, if having more money isn't making

  • you happen, just hand them over to me, they will certainly make me happy.

  • However, that's not quite accurate because it turns out that the answer to this question

  • is a little bit more complicated than we have thought.

  • Of course, if you are starving and don't even have a roof over you, every penny is certainly

  • going to make you happier because they will satisfy your basic needs.

  • However, what if you make a little more than you need.

  • A 2010 study has found that any additional income you make above 82K (adjusted to inflation,75K)

  • dollars a year in the US, isn't going to impact your day to day happiness.

  • Money is like water.

  • When you don't have it at all, that's the only thing your mind.

  • When you are walking in the desert trying to find your way out, You care about nothing

  • but water to drink, you would do absolutely anything just to have a glass of water.

  • But what happens, if you are given a glass of water, you probably would want a second

  • one, maybe a third one.

  • However, after the fifth glass, it won't matter.

  • Even if you get thirsty again, when you have gallons of water right beside you, you probably

  • won't drink it immediately because you know that you have it anyways.

  • And that's the case with money.

  • Even though we want to believe that happiness is directly related to our materialistic well

  • being, it's mostly psychological.

  • If you are broke and you hardly make ends meet and then suddenly you win a thousand

  • dollars, you will feel like you are the happiest person in the world.

  • However, what if you make 200K dollars a year and you win a thousand bucks.

  • Sure you will feel good about it but it's not going to make you super happy.

  • Even though it's the same thousand dollars, it has a different impact on people based

  • on their perspective of life.

  • Lottery winners usually become the most unhappy people a year later.

  • Because right after receiving that fat paycheck, they rush to experience life greatest pleasures.

  • And once they run out of cash, they struggle to enjoy everyday pleasures and get into huge

  • debts to continue that lifestyle.

  • Nonetheless, our happiness highly depends on how we do compare to the people around

  • us.

  • If you make 50 thousand dollars while your friends make 60K dollars year, you will most

  • likely feel unhappy, whereas if they all make 40k and you are the only one who makes 50K

  • dollars, you will feel much happier.

  • That's why with the rise of social media, it's really difficult to feel happy.

  • Every time you scroll through your Instagram, it seems like everyone is traveling and living

  • a life full of joy and happiness while you are the only who barely makes ends meet when

  • in reality most people are living a life that's not much different from yours.

Did you know that it costs more than a penny to make a penny?

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Here is Why Money Can't Buy Happiness!

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