B2 High-Intermediate 31 Folder Collection
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- Mop!
- Chop!
- Drop!
- Slop!
- Top!
- Hop!
- What the heck is going on here?
- I don't know. Shouting words that rhyme with plop.
- Well I'm trying to read, so stop.
- Oh, that's a good one. Thanks Pear.
- Arrrgh
- Attention everyone! Your attention please.
I have completed my most remarkable invention yet,
a cloning ray!
- Whoa!
- What's a cloning ray?
- Why, it's a laser beam capable of creating
an identical clone of living organisms.
Well, not identical. 99% identical.
Anyway, I'm still working out some bugs.
- Oh, I know a bug who works out! Although, I think he's
beetle juicing'.
- Ahhh
- Wait. Was that a joke?
Because I don't understand most jokes.
At any rate, here's the big news.
I am now ready to test my cloning ray on an actual person!
- Oh, oh, me first! Me first!
- Why are you so excited to get a clone Little Apple?
- 'Cause then the two of us can stack ourselves inside
a trench coat and get on the big kid rides!
- Just hop right up onto the pedestal, Little Apple.
- Uh, there's a stepladder for your convenience,
if, uh...
- Thanks
- And now to test my cloning ray!
- Ugh, could have done without that.
- Reading and here we go!
- Woo www
- How do you feel, Little Apple?
- Well, a little under the weather.
- More like, a little under the cloning ray.
- Orange!
- Friends, allow me to direct your attention
to the clone animation chamber.
- Oh, can we call it the clone zone?
I think we should call it the clone zone! Trademark!
- Look, you can see Little Apple's clone
forming inside! Whoa!
- Whoa!
- Now, the clone will remain in suspended animation
until I pull this lever and animate him.
- He um, looks kind of big. Don't you think?
- Perhaps it just appears that way through the glass.
Light refraction and all that
You know? The sciencey things
- Uh, I don't think that's light refraction, dude.
- What the heck is going on?
I thought you said a clone.
A clone is an exact replica.
- As I said, it is only 99% accurate.
There is likely to be one thing different about each clone.
It appears in this case that
that one thing is the clone's size.
- Arrgh, it would be. Wouldn't it?
- Now, would you like to meet your clone, Little Apple?
- Why would I want to do that?
He can get on the big kid rides without my help!
I'm so outta here!
- Very well, Little Apple's clone will be placed
in storage along with the other members
of the clone army I'm building.
- What did you just say?
- Nothing at all. Who would like to try next?
- You know Orange is ready to roll!
- Very well. Just hold still and...voila!
- Whoa, kind of tickles.
It's making me gassy too.
- The process is complete and it appears
to be a smashing success!
Oh no!
- Um, Dr. Bananas, what's the cartoonishly
ominous alarm all about?
- Orange, I think you should sit down for this.
- Way ahead of you doc. No legs.
- This clone is identical to you
in every single way, Orange.
- Sounds like a great guy.
- In every way, but one, that is.
- How's he different than me?
Oh no. He's not annoying is he?
An annoying version of me would be the worst.
- No Orange! It's much much worse.
Your clone is EVIL!
- I'm sorry Orange, but we cannot let your clone
out of the clone zone. He's far too dangerous
to have roaming free and we...
- Wait! What's happening?
(glass shattering)
- Here's Orange!
(evil laugh)
- Everyone stand back!
There's no telling what he might do.
- Nanana
- Alright! This clone is speaking my language.
- Not quite as evil as I had expected,
but it certainly is annoying.
- Not evil? Whatchu talkin' bout?
I'm super evil. In fact, I'm about to preform
my first evil deed and it's a doozy.
- What are you gonna do, Evil Orange?
- Yeah, what are you gonna to do evil me?
- Get this! I'm gonna blow up the kitchen with TNT!
(evil laughing)
(crickets chirping)
- Wow, it got quiet in here.
- Evil Orange? Regular Orange does that like every week.
- Multiple times per week, I'd say.
- Oh, I see. Well, brace yourselves because
I'm about to get even more evil.
- Oh no!
- Oh nooo!
- Oh (farts) no!
- Instead of blowing up the kitchen,
I'm going to do something far more sinister.
I'm going to constantly annoy all of you
day after day, week after week, year after year!
I'll prevent you from reading things.
Heck, I'll even prevent you from having anything
resembling a normal conversation.
(evil laughing)
- Um, who's gonna tell him?
- Uh, Evil Orange? You see, regular Orange
already does those things. He interrupts everything we do...
- Please continue.
- Ahhh
- If I may interject, it's very very important that we
get Evil Orange into storage before he...
( wind whips)
- Escapes
- Oh my gosh. You mean to tell me, Evil Orange
is wandering around the kitchen
and we don't know where he is?
- He could be anywhere! Even right here!
- Oh, what a relief.
- Yeah, Evil Orange could even be right there.
- Wait.
- Utoh. Which one's Evil Orange?
Is it me?
- Or me?
- Or me?
- Or me?
- I can't distinguish them. They have equal evil readings
on my evil-o-meter
- Wait. I know what to do. Orange?
- Yes Pear?
- I have something to tell you.
I've decided to ask Passion out on a date.
- (scoffs) Who cares?
- No, don't do it!
- The one on the left Dr. Bananas. That's Evil Orange.
- Nooooo
- Off to storage you go.
I think you'll enjoy the other members
of the army I'm building. I mean militia.
I mean book club. Oh uh, forget it.
- Well Orange, I'm glad we
straightened out your true identity.
It would have been a real bummer if we sent
the normal version of you off into storage.
- Yeah, that would have been a real bum-er.
- Ahh well, I never thought I would say this,
but it's good to have you back Orange.
(evil laughing)
- Oh Orange, could I get those
red glowing contact lenses back by the way?
I'm doing some experiments to eliminate
red eye in photographs and I need them.
- Oh sure thing.
(evil laughing)
(suspenseful music)
- And also the yellow ones, please.
- Okay fine.
(upbeat music)
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Annoying Orange - Clonin' Around!

31 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 8, 2020
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