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And sorry for the delay on this one, I was doing finals and everything, but I'm finally back.
Just get ready ya'll.
Our expertise is on the way.
Okay, Mom.
Is that everything you want me to do?
Yep, that's everything.
All right, then I'm head upstairs.
Okay, one last thing.
Can you pass me this remote?
Mom, it is right ...
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Anything else?
No, I'm good.
We did a good job cleaning today.
Yeah, I...we did.
I'm go take a nap now.
Always be a lazy.
Who you call a lazy?
How did you... what do you need, mom?
I need you to get me some coffee from Starbucks.
After all that work today, I need something to wake me up, you know.
Yeah, okay. I'll be right back with it.
I've got a low fat venti, extra syrup, extra whipped cream, 12 pumps sugar, Vanilla macchiato for Sharkeisha.
Can I help you, sir?
- Can I get a... - Hold up, you're not ordering, are you?
Yeah, why?
You gotta wait in that line over there.
You mean behind the line of the new iPhone?
Sir, that's the Starbucks line.
That's the... what are ya'll giving away free drinks or AirPods or something?
Nope, just selling coffee.
Ya'll don't have an express line or something?
You should have order on the app before you came.
Otherwise, you can express yourself to the back of line.
Thank you, next.
How can I help you, sir?
Hi, how much is a coffee?
Depends on what kind, but that would be about seven dollars.
No, I mean for a cup of coffee, not a whole coffee bean bag.
That is for a cup.
7 dollars for one ... you don't have a student discount or something?
Hey, Starbucks isn't a drink, okay.
It's a lifestyle.
If you want 50 cent machino, you go to the McDonald's down the street.
Look, why would I pay seven dollars for a drink?
Why would you... do you not see this green mermaid?
That's what like $7 right there.
Look, nobody's gonna pay $7 for a coffee.
Sir, can you hurry up? I need my Starbuck before work.
Did you know they're charging $7 for this stuff?
Oh shoot, they're having a sale?
Okay, you know what?
- Let me just get a medium coffee with... - A what?
I said a medium.
See that's not in the Starbucks dictionary.
Do you mean grande?
Same thing, doesn't matter.
It does matter.
You call Ariana Grande Ariana "Medium" ?
You call Biggie Smalls Biggie "Tall" ?
I didn't think so.
Thank you, next.
Okay, okay, fine, I'll get a grande coffee.
We don't just sell "coffee" here.
You have to pick what kind of Starbucks experience you want to purchase?
We have a frappuccino, the cappuccino, the latte and the mocha.
All right, What's the cappuccino?
Our cappuccinos is one of the most popular drinks here, it's composed of a double espresso and evaporated milk and topped with service with the dairy-based foam.
Isn't that just warm milk and coffee?
Aren't your shoes just mad thick and ugly?
The answer is yes, but we don't go around saying that now, do we?
You know what, forget it.
What drinks the cheapest?
Well, a frappuccino starts at six dollars.
- Okay, I'll get a grande frapp... - One second.
Hey, sir, did you just dip that donut in your coffee?
Get out!
-For why? -Get out, go!
Dunking donuts in Starbucks, we don't do that here.
Sorry about that, what were you saying?
I said I'll get a Frappuccino.
Great choice, sir.
Just a standard double caramel Popsicle espresso shot, steamed ice with extra low fat sweetener.
Whipped cream?
(Spanish) Sí.
Perfect. Your total is 8.50.
8.50? You said six dollars
I said, starting at six dollars.
The whipped cream coffee you requested cost extra.
Whatever, talking about Starbucks man I'll have no bucks after this whole thing ...
Thank you.
And what's your name?
All right, Stephen, you go wait for your drink right around the corner.
What? I said, Kyle.
My bad, Sid, I got you.
Sid? I said, Kyle.
Listen nice Jay Jay, This is the last time I change your name (incomprehensible).
Oh my, whatever.
Hey, what are you doing?
Making your drink.
Where's all the coffee?
I already put some in here.
If you want an extra drop, it's gonna cost extra.
Actually got my name right.
How did you ... all this for grande Frappuccino.
It is grande.
Get it right, Kyle.
Well, it's about time you got here.
Now, I better go upstairs.
What is this?
It's your drink.
Oh, no, it's not.
Look it all melted it.
Where's the coffee?
I ain't ask for a "Rapellino".
I'm gonna need you to go back right now and have them fix this.
I carry you nine months, and you can carry a decent cup of coffee to your mother.
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Starbucks Be Like

1898 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 7, 2020
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