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shaking, isn't it?
I like to venture a guess as to what is inside.
That's a bogus.
That is good.
Anybody tell me what a bother looks.
No one knows when shake.
Bahgat says shape shifters.
They take the shape whatever particular person fears the most.
That's what makes him so.
Actually simple charm exists to repel.
It's practice it now without one off to me.
Very clear.
Listen, ridiculous class.
So much for the easy.
What really finishes a bug?
It is love.
You need to force it to assume shape.
You find truly amusing.
Let me explain.
So what do you join me, please?
No, never.
What frightens you most of all?
Press a snipe, frighteners all.
And I believe you live with your grandmother?
Yes, by that one.
That body turned to her either It won't.
I wanted to speak to her clothes.
Only her clothes very clearly in your mind.
She carries a red handbag.
You don't need to hear Well, as you see it, we'll see when I open.
That wardrobe is what I want you to do.
Can you do that?
Wandered the ready one doing three.
I think?
I think ridiculous.
That wonderful.
Okay, I never Yeah.
On everyone's a picture.
The thing they fear that very most and turn it into something funny.
Run longer already.
Just that ridiculous.
Sorry about that.
That's enough for today.
If you don't like to collect your books from back of the class, that's the end of lesson.
Thank you.
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Lupin's Boggart Lesson | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 7, 2020
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