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  • shaking, isn't it?

  • I like to venture a guess as to what is inside.

  • That's a bogus.

  • That is good.

  • Anybody tell me what a bother looks.

  • No one knows when shake.

  • Bahgat says shape shifters.

  • They take the shape whatever particular person fears the most.

  • That's what makes him so.

  • Actually simple charm exists to repel.

  • It's practice it now without one off to me.

  • Ridiculous.

  • Good.

  • Louder!

  • Very clear.

  • Listen, ridiculous class.

  • So much for the easy.

  • What really finishes a bug?

  • It is love.

  • You need to force it to assume shape.

  • You find truly amusing.

  • Let me explain.

  • So what do you join me, please?

  • Under?

  • No, never.

  • What frightens you most of all?

  • Sorry.

  • Press a snipe, frighteners all.

  • And I believe you live with your grandmother?

  • Yes, by that one.

  • That body turned to her either It won't.

  • I wanted to speak to her clothes.

  • Only her clothes very clearly in your mind.

  • She carries a red handbag.

  • You don't need to hear Well, as you see it, we'll see when I open.

  • That wardrobe is what I want you to do.

  • Can you do that?

  • Yes.

  • Wandered the ready one doing three.

  • I think?

  • I think ridiculous.

  • That wonderful.

  • Okay, I never Yeah.

  • On everyone's a picture.

  • The thing they fear that very most and turn it into something funny.

  • Missed.

  • Run longer already.

  • Run.

  • Wonder.

  • Ready?

  • Ridiculous.

  • Yeah.

  • Next.

  • Just that ridiculous.

  • Sorry about that.

  • That's enough for today.

  • If you don't like to collect your books from back of the class, that's the end of lesson.

  • Thank you.

  • Sorry.

shaking, isn't it?

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Lupin's Boggart Lesson | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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