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  • slow brain.

  • Why don't you love me?

  • Do I talk too much?

  • Listen, Offerman, completely silent, and it will be there.

  • In that silence.

  • You will realize you love me.

  • Is it working?

  • I've had a profound realization about love.

  • That it's just a simple is liking.

  • Someone a lot know true love is about eliminating the competition.

  • Who this Schroeder.

  • Interested in someone else?

  • No, not someone.

  • Something.

  • It's woman against piano.

  • Women is winning.

  • What is winning, huh?

  • I can't believe you.

  • Through my piano, into the sewer.

  • Your piano was my competition.

  • Now you have no choice but to love me.

  • Now I have no choice but to climb down into the sewer.

  • Floater.

  • Hello, Charlie Brown.

  • Lucy Through my piano.

  • On the sewer.

  • It's raining.

  • Get out of there!

  • Before you drowned, okay?

  • I couldn't hold into the piano.

  • Rain is probably swept it out to the river by now.

  • Let's go.

  • Oh, I hope that Beethoven never had to put up with this.

  • There it goes.

  • Are we sure, though?

  • Is your Cano couldn't catch your piano?

  • It floated out to sea, huh?

  • Oh, well, if you were to play it now, you just struck a sewer note.

  • Anyway.

slow brain.

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