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  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • Your glutes.

  • Air working?

  • Yes.

  • How did that look?

  • High Vogue.

  • I'm Eva Longoria.

  • And my usual fitness routine is weight training.

  • A little bit of yoga.

  • But today for my extreme wellness, I'm gonna try something a little bit more adventurous.

  • Circus training.

  • So what do you have in store for me today?

  • So we're gonna do some trapeze training, both fitness and conditioning.

  • So understanding how to really use your natural gifts, mixing the string out of myths of flexibility.

  • My background background was tumbling and gymnastics in high school.

  • So I do have a little bit of kinesthetic awareness.

  • Fabulous.

  • About that word, guys, we're also going to do a little bit of juggling, which might seem a little bit obscure, but it's good to help focus the brain.

  • I'm already screwed.

  • Then we're gonna end with some acrobatics.

  • What?

  • In the air?

  • So you gonna tap your hands with some rosin?

  • That's plenty time, LeBron James.

  • Guys, that your peas.

  • Is that how you call it?

  • Trippi's trapeze.

  • Tomato.

  • Tomato.

  • Thought this is great.

  • I wanna swing now.

  • Maybe put you up a little bit higher.

  • Well, I think I'm good here.

  • Theo Jeffries.

  • was hard just on your body.

  • The bar hurts God, That hurts my knees.

  • Oh, I hope it looks good because it hurts and then bring it down to the floor.

  • They must have very strong abs and core and arms.

  • Endless on.

  • Straighten.

  • Drop this like down to the floor.

  • Yes.

  • Beautiful left arm E.

  • There was a lot of trust involved today.

  • Trusting They know this works.

  • Hands off!

  • Hands off!

  • Okay, now what?

  • Beautiful on you.

  • Dismount!

  • Probably mentally.

  • The hardest thing Waas juggling begin end up doing knives after I like to just focus and have your mantra.

  • What's your mantra?

  • Red, yellow, blue, Red, yellow, blue, Red, Yellow Theo feels so therapeutic.

  • Orange, blue, red, blue, red Aren't juggling can apply to your life And I think it's actually one of the most useful things that I learned today.

  • So my name is Justin, and I'm gonna help you out today with your acrobatics.

  • So acrobatics is gonna be everything on the ground.

  • You just did some aerial stuff that we're gonna do some stuff on the ground.

  • I'm excited.

  • I was a junior.

  • Leaner Bangemann A.

  • I used to do back handsprings all the way down the football field.

  • That was, like, 25 years ago.

  • Let me just see what this looks like.

  • You're gonna catch me or something.

  • You want to do it without this?

  • When you're a kid?

  • Is probably the time to learn this stuff, Theo, You know, to do a cartwheel on, do it one hand and then, you know, well, let's do a handstand.

  • And if you follow, it doesn't really matter.

  • Let go.

  • Okay.

  • Having fun and being fearless so that you say yes to things as opposed to know is that pretty mastered It Put me in the air, coach, and you're gonna just step on up Double Justin shoulders.

  • I'm like I could die, right?

  • Which I mean, I know they wouldn't let me die.

  • Said, uh, look, Mom.

  • All right, give me your one handed, but you know you want toe, bring that child like view back into your adulthood.

  • No, I can't.

  • If acting doesn't work out, I am totally running away to join the circus.

  • Hey, Beau gets Eva Longoria.


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