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- It's (beeping) quarantine y'all.
We're in quarantine, Okay?
Things are not the way they're supposed to be!
But we are gonna let you in on our,
nightly skincare routine.
Hey, my name is Nico Turero
- Oh my God.
(bright upbeat music)
- Start from the top.
What's your skin type?
- Perfect.
I have perfect skin.
I mean, let's be honest here.
- My skin used to be a hot mess.
- Hot mess - All over the place.
I don't know if you have it, I had problematic skin.
- It was hot, but it was a mess
- We live in Chicago.
(laughing loudly)
I'm combination.
I know all about my skin because
I have had problematic skin forever.
- Right - You know those days
because we've known each other for 14 years.
I mean, I go to bed a good 15 minutes
before you do every night.
- Yeah, well.
I Think that my nightly routine is wiring down.
It's my grounding place.
It's really self care, you know?
- We're gonna cleanse, we're gonna deface.
Then we're going to take you on a little adventure,
a little school,
what's it called in school when you go on a vacation?
- A recess - No, when you leave school
- The holidays? Spring break?
- No, when you leave school to with the class somewhere.
- Field trip! - We are going on field trip,
and we're going to take you to our skincare heaven
in our living room.
And then we're going to come back in here,
we're gonna do some lotions,
we can do some serums, we're gonna do a lot of oil.
And then I'm gonna go to bed.
And then Bethany will do 10 more things.
And then they'll go to bed.
Oh, yes. That's the one. - [Nico] Oh yeah
- That is the look.
Kale green tea spinach vitamins
super food cleanser from Youth to the people
made in California and its a glass bottle.
I have been trying to look for more products
in with glass bottles because, plastic.
When you wash your face get it nice and wet first,
and the strokes that you make in your face,
I think they are super important so it's always this way,
this way, this way.
- [Nico] Does it smell like kale?
How much kale do you think is actually in there?
- A whole head.
- [Nico] A whole head for your head.
So what's next, your toner?
- Tah Dah, okay yeah,
So Witch Hazel - [Nico] level Witch Hazel.
I think I got you into witches?
- Yeah, I think so too.
That's probably one thing you did.
It's just a classic you know,
- [Nico] I got into witch hazel at work.
Productions love witch hazel.
- It's also very affordable.
Okay, I've done that and now I'm going to do a face spray.
This face spray is by a company called Wildling,
they are incredible.
They make a face spray and oil.
Also fun, it's glass bottle.
And it's a woman owned company, small business support.
Okay, little bit of oil.
I think that a lot of people feel like
they can't use oil on their face
because they'll break out.
I used to feel that way.
But if you use oil appropriately,
it can be really incredible.
Okay, and then I will use these tools.
- But first we clean my face.
Alright, the first thing I like to do,
if I have makeup on my face, is take a hit of coconut oil.
We just got some organic cold pressed coconut oil
I gotta get around the eyes,
I gotta get the lips.
You know the beard is a whole other situation.
We'll get to that later.
- [Bethany] Oh, look at that.
Look at that face wiping.
Then you use Bethany's towel. - [Bethany] No! Wait!
- This is a product that I've been loving lately.
It's called Fourth Ray AM to the PM.
It's a gel cleanser.
They also make a cleansing oil which
if you don't have coconut oil, this is a lot more expensive.
Back to the scorching hot.
And you work.
And we're good to go.
- Sorry babe. - [Bethany] Nico--
- That is it, my face is clean.
- [Bethany] Let's see.
Wow, what about?
- Babe, this is family friendly show.
Field trip time.
(harmonizing to each other)
All right, we promised it now it's coming your way.
Field trip time.
This is our sauna.
- So we got this sauna before we had a dining room table.
- Yep, this was one of the first things in the living room.
- And even before we got a couch, before we got anything.
- But we love these things, we're getting in.
I do just about an hour a day here.
- I do a couple times a week.
It depends the colder it is outside
the more I am in the sauna, I'm always cold.
- Totally. - Yeah.
- But it is incredible to do before you go to sleep
because this is an infrared sauna,
clear light infrared sauna,
and it just literally pulls all of the toxins
directly out of your skin just like
(suction noises)
you're gonna give us a tutorial on this gua sha stone
- Yes, there are all kinds of gua sha stones
but this one's made by Wildling beauty
and the reason that I love gua sha
is because one it helps lift and plump
and it also helps extrain toxins from your face.
It helps move the limp, it helps release jaw tension
and helps with TMJ, it helps with sleeping.
- And it just feels really good.
- It feels so good.
I got it and then you started stealing my stone
all the time.
- Yeah. - All right.
So the key in doing gua sha is to have a little bit of soap
on your face to try to keep this stone somewhat flat,
and to not push too hard
and to pull from both directions at the same time.
(calm music)
So the best strokin in the gua sha
starts like right back here kinda behind your ear
and your jaw.
If you pull down on that it's a natural lymph drainage
and like the dumpster is right here in this like is
that clavicle kind of hole right?
But that is how you depuff your face.
So after a flight,
if you do like the stroke down the stroke down,
you do those faces ready to go.
My quarantine High,
you know I have an online business and workout
and we've been able to do some giving back.
Which is felt empowering in a powerless time.
What's your high quarantine?
- Taking my highway for me, Buzzkill.
My high is finally being able to put some love energy,
blood, sweat and tears into this house.
Getting our hands dirty.
You're stranded on a desert island.
What's the one thing that you take?
- I knew you were gonna ask me that.
- What's the one thing skincare wise to take with you?
- Oh skincare wise actually though,
if I were really going to a desert island.
I think I would take like a moisturizing sunscreen.
Because who cares if I get a pimple?
I'm stranded on a desert island.
- Totally.
- Okay, what skincare would you take?
I would probably take coconut oil.
- I thought like you would take Skin Food.
- Skin Food in on a desert island.
I like skim food when it's cold outside.
All right y'all, our hour is up, we--
- Are going to take a shower.
- And then we're going to start our
nightly moisturization routine.
- The most important part. - Seriously,
we'll catch you in a bit.
- All right, so I've just gotten out of the shower
and I'm going to start applying skincare.
The first product that I love to use I've been using this
for like four years is called Lumion Skin.
It's an oxygen serum.
The main ingredient is something called hypochlorous acid.
If you've never heard of this ingredient,
you're going to start hearing about it soon.
But it's super supernatural.
It's basically water, salt and oxygen.
And this is actually found you know,
this is gonna sound wild,
but it's found in our white blood cells.
And so this product with like,
I think long term use is best,
but it helps to clear the skin and even things out.
So like right now, Have a little pimple right there.
Back in the day, that would have been like a week long thing
that would have gotten bigger tomorrow, this will be gone.
And I fully attribute it to this stuff.
So it's not a replacement for anything else.
Just anytime my skin is bare and clean,
I put it on,
like you're seeing me do now, till my skin is wet.
And then I let it dry.
Number two, I kind of switch between different things.
So sometimes they use oil, sometimes they use lotion.
It kind of depends.
Today, I'm just simply going to use my very,
very favorite lotion.
It's called own botanicals, it's so mom and pop.
It's not fancy.
The ingredients are absolutely incredible.
It's also completely unbleached and unprocessed.
So the tube is designed in a way so
that they didn't have to use any of those chemicals.
It also looks like this.
It's like very kind of thick
and like a little bit green like matte.
I really love this stuff.
I use it liberally.
I have this on a subscription order so
I get it all the time.
And then you'll notice
that when I'm putting lotion on my face,
I'm actually following the lines
and the patterns of my face.
So I'm coming up around my forehead, into my temples,
from underneath my eyes,
they pull out up to my temples once again.
And then I do the same thing underneath my cheekbone.
And then when I get down here,
I kind of wrinkled the circular position to relax my jaw.
And then I pull down.
I love this lotion so much.
I also use it for my neck, and I even use it on my hands.
Can't forget about the decolletage.
The next thing that I think is really important is
that you groom your eyebrows at night.
So like most people,
I had a little of my eyebrows down to nothing.
When the super thin eyebrows look was cool.
My tips for growing your eyebrows back
number one throw away your tweezers
don't touch them just see
what your eyebrows will actually grow on their own.
I haven't used tweezers in years.
So put those away start letting it grow
and then you have to like brush them at night
so I have a castor oil.
Sometimes they use Argan oil,
this one's from Kreyol Essence.
You basically take a clean mascara wand, take some oil.
and then quite literally, brush your brows.
I always brush up
so think about brushing them in the direction
that you want them to grow.
But this has definitely reshaped my eyebrows
and it condition is them and then castor oil
its an oil it's known to help hair growth.
For eye cream,
I use this brand called Cannuka.
It's Manuka honey and CBD.
I've never been very into the CBD kick,
but I do really love this stuff.
My mama always taught me
that when you apply your eye cream,
you do it with your ring finger nice and light,
which is funny because the washer technique is to
literally drag the scan like we've learned
that kind of doing some pulling
or so your skin can actually be better.
But this stuff is very thick in consistency.
You can see like I really shine on my eyes super thick
so I love this stuff during the winter.
I will also often apply it on my lips just
because it's so ultra conditioning.
I feel like my nighttime routine
is almost a bit meditative for me.
Super grounding and calming.
And then I'm willing to finish with another face spray.
This one is from this little shop in Brooklyn.
They're amazing, they're currently closed,
but you can order online.
This is a porous refining minerals mist.
I really love this stuff so I use it in a couple ways.
I will sometimes mix it with the lotion that I use,
like the moisturizer said I spray it with the oil that I use
a little bit of like water can help those things
absorb into your skin more.
But right now,
I'm just going to use it to finish everything off.
And I spray, and that's it.
- Hey y'all, we are out of this sauna out of the shower
and its time for a little moisturization.
Now there's like a handful of go to products
that I have currently I am out on a couple of them.
But recently I have found this Nyakio.
It is a rescue oil, it is Maracuja and Yangu.
It's a like a restorative oil,
I put like a good dollop in my hand
and just really get it in there,
and it smells so good.
You see it's just like oh she glistens.
This Mary's nutritionals it's a hemp oil.
This is an extract it's called the remedy.
It smells like like cinnamon love.
I'm obsessed with this stuff.
Comes in a little dropper.
And again, put a nice little dollop in there.
Hit that real good.
Double the oil double the fun y'all.
Kiehl's lip balm, just get a nice hit there for bedtime.
I'm going to hit the Groomed Man spruce beard oil
go to sleep in.
Is very important to properly hydrate your beard.
Human beings that grow beards.
Just smells so good.
Okay, and last but not least,
which you may find somewhat peculiar.
I always put on deodorant before going to bed, I do.
This Primal Paste, obsessed.
It's a natural deodorant.
It's baking soda and activated charcoal.
Aluminum and paraben free.
You know, you just work it in there.
True story, I have ginger armpits.
Who knew?
That's pretty much it, that's my routine.
It's pretty, pretty basic.
That being said, we have done a lot.
It has been wonderful spending some time with you tonight.
Hey, Bethany, get your butt over here.
- Yeah, baby.
- It has to talk.
It has been wonderful.
We love you so much. - We love you
- Thanks for having us, - Stay safe.
- Stay sane - Wash your face and your hand
- And just like trust your instincts, you know?
Just trust your trust your gut here.
Doesn't have to be perfect all the time.
The world's weird place.
And we're just a couple weird beings trying to stay--
- I knew you were going to say that
- I love you - Love you
- Bye - Good night
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Nico Tortorella & Bethany Meyer's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

1 Folder Collection
Summer published on August 6, 2020
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