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Hello, everybody.
Welcome to took your creative play.
I'm a host, Emma.
And today I'm here with Shah.
And today we're going to be quizzed on a knowledge about crazy ridiculous Japanese laws and one of the true or false You guys have a being in trouble with the law.
Theo encounter with Japanese polices.
When I moved into my flat instead, Japanese police he just looked me.
I am Japanese.
I was like standing standing Welcome.
Make watching That reminds you.
When I moved to Morioka, please showed up at my apartment.
But I was smarter than Chris Tonight is pretending not speak Japanese?
I've only had one encounter.
It wasn't very exciting.
I was just on my way home and they fully to be on their bicycles.
I kind of felt them behind me.
And I was like, What's going on?
And then they stopped me and they asked my d.
I showed it to them and they're like, What do you do?
And at that point, I was like I freelance teach, they're like, all right, bye.
I guess I'm just doing casual checkups do here.
They do that, but honestly, we don't know if we've broken Any of the ridiculous loathe you call, don't you?
Couldn't dance in Japan, Passed me name.
What use?
Definitely broken that law that let's begin the quiz.
Find a lot of loggers.
Don't take that.
You know, When I moved here and first started doing social media, it was a really slow process.
When I first started, you chewed.
I've had little to no contact with any of those kinds of companies.
I don t see, Len.
I'm going to be teaching you other workers of creative in Japan.
You have to figure out what type of content you want to do.
Hopefully, I'll be able to teach you a with the INS announced on how to start your YouTube Korea Hallows able to eventually start my own brand here.
Whether you're interested in traveling to Japan or moving here long term, I really want to encourage you guys and help you achieve your goals through my videos.
If they wanted to live work in Japan, I'll run through everything from finding a job to grasping the language and culture.
Quickly try out new platforms.
Keep up your posting.
There's so much opportunity and I would love you guys become next.
Big hire strippers, a load of stories and experiences that I know who can help you get to where you want to go for your dreams into reality.
All right.
First Ridiculous Law.
Citizens between 45 74 years old are required by law to have their waistlines measured every year.
Yeah, true.
I know that it's required for them to do late waistline Measurement ages are notable.
Double laws.
Metabolism law.
Yeah, sure, People.
Uh, don't get found, darling.
I'll say true as well.
I'm guessing that instrument.
Not what isn't the answer.
I thought you were the quiz mom.
No, I'm not.
Even though I don't know for a fact that it's a law, it feels very law ish.
Laura E.
Everyone's a winner.
Oh, it's over a healthy limits.
They have to seek medical attention.
This was a teacher at school the 82nd year.
I used to go out smoky drinking law.
Every night that I put away and I failed the test, I had to go in and meet a doctor.
Tell me how sure nothing happened based.
I just met him, like, three or four times over a period of three months.
I stopped getting it.
You are shit.
My aim was to try and lose weight.
And he's blunt.
All right, next law, you concoct in lines.
If you are in a big rush a little.
Definitely not a legal more.
Is it against the law?
That's where I'm confused.
That Donald.
Just some Chinese tourists crying when I was kidding for a Big Mac.
That happened yesterday.
The comedian.
But yeah, that's like a Japanese people would never cut.
Yeah, that's good falls.
The answer is according to article one, Section 13 of Japan's Honey.
It's illegal.
It's illegal to cut in lines, disturbing the peace and causing a ruckus.
There are fines and jail time you have to be queuing up for That's so important that it results in jail time.
Big Mac, If someone cut in front of May while stars came for big, they deserve to go down.
Alright, Blowfish, it is illegal to cook food for more than two minutes.
I have no idea about any laws about exception video figure.
We had a role.
Yeah, I had a rule that you can have it cooked.
I don't believe what didn't hear anything about that be necessary?
Let's signal you might because because with with figure poisonous way separately.
Figure into two parts.
Not yeah, so they're not poison.
So that's false.
It's Polish.
Eyes is less than 82nd.
Wait, wait.
What legal to cook food for more than two minutes.
It's not 120 actualize 83 80 seconds.
You have to cook food less than 80 seconds because the fishes organs contain a deadly poison that will shut down the basic.
But they removed the old get zero.
This is ridiculous.
He's been researching this video that doesn't make any sense.
Tired cooking Thai food.
Er, that is probably why people die.
People do die for me and figure they call it themselves.
Don't prepare 26 cases of death by figure between like 2 1998 to 2006.
All right, next month.
Age of consent in Japan is 13 and marriage law states that the minimum age of marriage is 18 for men in 16 for women.
I've seen stuff about this on the Internet, and usually it's when people are trying to defend some six.
Yeah, I think this is true.
I'm pretty sure the marriage ages air True age of consent.
I thought was 15.
But I wouldn't be so President Mills 16.
The age of consent in 18 for knowledge.
But just cause I've seen it on the Internet will say true, but I'm gonna be hopeful that it's false.
True, This is the lowest age of consent among any developed country Speeches.
Yeah, well, Japan, hopefully that can change soon.
You can ride your bicycles on pedestrian sidewalks if you are under 13 and above 70 or within with any disability.
I thought it was okay to ride your bike on.
So it's not actually those I wanted to focus because I on Jan across Japan.
Sakhalin Counter Side.
Yeah, everybody does.
I'll say true as well, but I hope it's full because that means I'm breaking the law every day.
According to Japanese traffic rules, this place is restricted to pedestrians only.
And no bicycle rider is allowed to use it.
But there is an exception to this as those on the 13 and above 70 years, or with any disability afraid to use this restricted space interested well you Honestly, everyone doesn't Here.
You rarely see people on the road.
Only those really professional close.
It would be really frustrated.
Everyone cycled on the road.
Oh, yeah, it would get harder.
People cycle on the sidewalk.
Yeah, I feel safer.
That's kind of scary, because it's like, Can the police feel you ever at any point and be like you're breaking a Japanese traffic spirit about moon?
Yeah, like really foreigners I've never seen anybody get in trouble for yeah, me neither.
Driving by and splashing pedestrians with water in rainy weather is illegal and can carry fines up to 7000 year, about $70.
I was trained, despised people.
Unless it's made, he's driving way.
Some of those it may.
It's completely wrong.
I despise it falls through.
The Japanese refer to this as muddying, and drivers could be fined $65 if they decide to give you a free shower.
Other countries, including seven locations in Canada and the UK, also levy fines if drivers splash pedestrians laws, they're usually refer to such actions as discourteous or reckless driving or dick your mailbox desert.
Putting ice cream in a mailbox carries a maximum prison term.
Five years old, less or a fine of no more than 500,000 years.
500 mailbox.
Five years.
You're shocked by 50 grand five years in prison?
Think ice cream is safe to say, I think this has to be treated weight enough until 78 of the postal law.
Putting ice cream in a mailbox carries a prison term of five years or less, or a fine of no more than 500,000 yen.
In 2006 a 42 year old mailman from Saitama Prefecture was arrested for putting a chocolate ice cream for people go chocolate ice cream in a mailbox.
In my empire, if somebody don't that I would have them launched into the sun face for the first time.
I'm hearing of the Chris Boothe Secret Sound dancing in public.
Oh, we discussed me.
Late night.
Public dancing is still outlawed in Hokkaido, Japan, after World War Two, as an attempt to cub, prostitution is basically they don't mean a thing in Tokyo, dancing and prostitution handed her wanted to cut down on drug use as well.
Stopping the dancing wouldn't do that.
Sure, I'm gonna say false and maybe okay in Hokkaido.
But not the rest of false too.
Yeah, it was a law imposed on all of Japan, but was turned 2015 way right?
No, my contract is also, you know, this is gonna competition.
I would give it my old I just scythe.
Closure of thighs by mistake carries a prison term of up to one year explosion of but lip.
What is a fun exposure?
But it is also subject to regulation.
But what?
They don't know what a but is exposure of dies by the stake wasn't one year.
What if there's like a gust of wind?
Police like that would be explosion steak.
This is things hostile, folks.
Cause this way, please.
What about like when You sure?
Oh, and you're But everybody does.
I definitely felt say these things are okay in Japan because people do it is fun.
Minor criminal act.
Article 1 20 Exposure of five by mistake carries a prison time about T nine days in prison, became a law in 1948 and was not limited to just buys.
Exposing robotics is also subject to regular.
This is definitely happened to be oh, way accidentally exposed to show your short laws so vague and were some of these offenses have been so ridiculous.
I wanna make it sit from set in a prison with people who have been sent down for really bizarre misdemeanor ice cream Man Money person?
Yeah, Mass murder.
That's funny.
You accidentally Geisel the butt lift.
I don't actually know one.
I was evident probably Shala.
Sorry, everyone's way got schools up here, I guess on the screen.
But we don't actually know.
So you guys love to watch the video to find out one comments below which one you found to be?
Yeah, Please do.
But thank you so much for watching.
And thank you so much for coming on the show, guys.
Thank you.
And we'll see you guys in the next video.
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Are These CRAZY Laws In Japan True or False?|[Ft. Abroad in Japan & Sharmander]

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 3, 2020
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