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How you doing, everybody?
My name is John, dubbed creative producer of the Only Japan Siri's.
And that behind me is Tokyo Tower.
Welcome to Tokyo, the greatest city in the world.
I have a massive channel announcement to make.
Today I have started a new channel and I thought that this is the perfect spot to do it.
This is my favorite view of Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo Tower was built in the mid 19 fifties, and it's a reminder of the hope that it gave people after World War Two.
Almost 70 years later, it's still there and it's just a reminder of weary.
All came from and I thought, this is the best place to make this announcement.
Channel is called John Dob Onley in Japan.
You go check that out right now I put in a couple of videos that explains where only in Japan the idea came from what it means to me and also a video introducing who I am a little bit more background.
So you know who this creator is?
I've been making videos now since 2000 and three when I hitchhiked the entire country 2005.
I rode a bicycle from Tokyo to Kyoto on the Hokkaido, the old Hokkaido highway where people used to walk from Kyoto, the imperial city to a toe and reporting on NHK in 2000 and eight.
So it's been an evolution, this job for me, and this is the next step in all of that.
I hope that this'll new channel could be a place that makes you really love Japan.
Fall in love with Japan.
That's always been my hope.
I just want to tell a story.
I don't know.
I don't have any expectations for this except have a place to tell the stories that I want to.
A new format, a new opening, new music, new.
Everything that's really exciting and sky truly is the limit.
If you have any questions, leave them down below.
I'm always happy to answer them.
This channel is not gonna change.
It's all live streaming content.
We also have a 3 60 video, a channel called Only Demand 3 60 Twitter, Facebook patri on discord.
We've got lots of social media.
It's right here on the page.
There's a places where you could support me and the content that will be making.
I'm really happy that I could be right here in Japan.
I know a lot of you haven't been able to make it to this country or had to cancel your trips in February, March, April, May, June.
And maybe even until 2021.
I am your man in Japan.
The guy here who is going to be bringing you these amazing stories from every single island.
You can count on me to do that.
Thank you so much for the support over the years.
I hope you'll continue to support me in this new channel and see you over there by from Tokyo Tower.
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My Future for ONLY in JAPAN

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 3, 2020
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