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I like dirtied.
Afternoon Already.
Uh, no sharp objects.
This is your cheerful drivers meeting.
They'll be no eating or drinking aboard my happy bus.
Especially crabby Patties.
Stop is Coral Boulevard.
Thank you for writing with your Mary bus driver and have a beautiful day.
A I've always dreamed one day I'd board a bus and see you driving in.
I am are in that dream split you in all my dreams.
Get back, pay and pay your fare.
You better change.
Wait with what?
I'm helping you dry.
Which range better?
Use my signal down to help me dry.
I might go away.
Sit in the back.
Okay, way.
Things this way.
What is your stop?
So I could take you that right now?
Oh, I don't have a stop.
Today is my bus right today.
I just write it all day.
There's only one thing I didn't think of.
That could be words way.
That's that one way.
Wait, are just riding around on the bus day?
What are the Yes, uh, go my body somewhere.
My wallet in my other wallet.
Anybody I've got.
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Squidward Gets a New Job! ? New SpongeBob Episode "Squid's on a Bus"

50 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 2, 2020
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